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    Speech Class Project Help

    Delete Post plz How do I delete posts on this forum?
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    First Handgun if you cannot acquire a .22

    So basically, I'm looking towards the future when I can legally acquire for a pistol (premises) permit in NYC (and rifle permit hopefully, want to get a milsurp rifle). But in this case, I only want some advice on pistols. I've read on many sites that amateurs should buy a .22 cal pistol first...
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    Not sure where to put this?

    So I just turned 18. And I looked at the NYS (and NYC) gun laws, and I know I don't need a permit to buy a rifle/shotgun in the state while I must apply for a permit in the city. But other than that, I don't know how to buy a weapon. I am particularly interested in a Swiss K31 straight-pull...