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  1. CalicoJack10

    Part Legislation, Part Fun Shoot, Part Letters from politicians.

    So this weekend was filled with firearms for me. And much of it had to do with all of my fellow proponents here in good ol' Wisconsin. So to save me from having to post over and over and over, I am putting it all in this same thread. For starters, here are some pictures: Welcome to Facebook -...
  2. CalicoJack10

    Whats the real Death Toll?

    A Veteran is someone who has willingly signed a contract with the American People. This contract says that they are willing to give their lives in defense of YOUR freedom. And long after they leave the military, and have come home to their families, they realize that giving their life for your...
  3. CalicoJack10

    Up Nort Wisconsin Open Carry Day and fun shoot.

    OK, here is what is tentatively planned for the north woods Open Carry get together and possible Fun Shoot/Fund Raiser. The only people I have left to contact about this is the VVA to see if we can use their range on Hwy 51 in Arbor Vitae. But the plan goes as this: Saturday, April 30th, mid...
  4. CalicoJack10

    Daily Carry Loadout.

    I have been giving this a lot of thought lately with the introduction of wepon mouted camera's and such becoming more and more common, at least from teh questions that I get from my regulars. I personally carry an MP3 recorder around my neck and an ID wallet in my left hip pocket so that I don't...
  5. CalicoJack10

    Jan Brewer Defends Arizona Firearms Laws Following Undercover Gun Show Video

    Jan Brewer Defends Arizona Firearms Laws Following Undercover Gun Show Video I like this woman, she stands for what she believes in, and I am still looking for the video of the fox news story that was on tonight where she clearly stated that bloomberg employed others with the intention of...
  6. CalicoJack10

    California Officer Involved School Shooting Lie!

    I just came across this on the net while looking for something on Mayor Loonberg! Official: LA school cop said shooting was accident - The all knowing LEO's in California that insist on severely strict gun control, are the same ones shooting themselves with their own weapons. I can...
  7. CalicoJack10

    CCW'er Defends Himself at Walmart (N Las Vegas)

    OK, I agree that I should have been more clear about what I was intending to say. I should have put the qualifier "Far Too Many" in there when I posted that. It is just a matter of opinion on my part, but I believe that 7.25% is far too large of a number for Pro Gunners to vote No. I apologize...
  8. CalicoJack10

    AZ Massacre Responsible Gun Owner

    This is my nomination for video of the year. I have a lot of respect for this man. This is definately one for the Anti's to try and come up with a good excuse for, though I don't think any excuse for why this man says this will be good enough. YouTube - AZ Massacre Hero Educates Geraldo on What...
  9. CalicoJack10

    Airsoft Becoming Obsolete For Realistic Training

    That video has been recycles a number of times over teh last few years, it is actually an Echo1 Minigun. Link Removed They are still a few grand, but it is cool as HE77. I also agree, the idea of airsoft is primarily the force on force training. And still if you get too close the plastic...
  10. CalicoJack10

    Here is John Green telling us he does not want restrictions on our freedoms!!

    I think you should know that this video has already been taken off youtube because fox dosent want anyone to see it. I was able to find it after some looking for it online. Link Removed That is the link I was able to see it at after getting several notices on youtube that it was not available...
  11. CalicoJack10

    I am looking for a Stock Maker!

    A good friend of mine just gave me a Winchester model 120, .12 ga pump. He has had it sitting in his gun cabinet for several years and has not touched it because it has a pressure crack on the stock rite behind the trigger guard. I have decided to engrave the gun and would like to get a custom...
  12. CalicoJack10

    Crossbreed Mag Pouch?

    I was just online ordering a crossbreed holster. After the raving reviews, and a split seam in my regular holster, I thought that this would be worth while. BUT in getting the order placed I came across the mag pouches that are similar to the super tuck delux. I am looking at a double mag (Both...
  13. CalicoJack10

    13 year old girl on gun control!

    Granted this is canada, but it sends a clear message to the Anti's. It is a very well done video, and the end says it all. YouTube - Katey's Firearms Facts What do you think?
  14. CalicoJack10

    Northwoods OC Night???

    Northwoods OC Night??? Anyone out there in "Deh Nort Woods" thinking about doing an open carry night?? There seems to be many of us up here, in the Minocqua/LDF/Woodruff/Arbor Vitae area, why have we not started something like this before? I am thinking that I know of at least one resturant...
  15. CalicoJack10

    Northwoods Tournament?

    I have been kicking around the idea of sponsoring a shooting tournament either at the Arbor Vitae range (Caywood), or at the Boulder Junction Range. Just thinking something for locals and what not, not like a national tournament. But I figure that the shooting sports are pretty popular up here...
  16. CalicoJack10

    Racism and Gun Control

    Thats quite alright, thanks for the extra reading material. I wonder how many gun control activists would be jumping on the band wagon if this was a more common place discussion.
  17. CalicoJack10

    Wisconsin Carry Challenges School Zone Law

    What is Constitutional Carry anyway? This should heat up this discussion some. The Wisconsin Constitution says clearly: [As created Nov. 1998] "The people have the right to keep and bear arms for security, defense, hunting, recreation or any other lawful purpose." [1995 J.R. 27, 1997 J.R. 21...
  18. CalicoJack10

    Racism and Gun Control

    I find it interesting that this subject has been avidly pushed to the back burner in almost all gun debates. I have done a ton a research, and there are millions of things out there that talk about Hitler's gun control, but it seems that this is a subject nobody wants to tackle. I did find a...