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  1. waddy

    Male instructor seeking information

    With your permission, I posted this earlier in the "Instructors Only" forum and so far have gotten no response. Here is my post: I'm willing to bet that most of us have had to instruct new shooters to lean forward, or weight forward. Have any of you noticed that (to me at least) there appears...
  2. waddy

    Too much power for business?

    The bill now working its tenuous way through the branches of the Legislature regarding extending the "Make My Day" law (what an unfortunate choice of names, why couldn't they just call it the "Castle Doctrine"?) to your place of business is being strongly opposed by the Democrats on the grounds...
  3. waddy

    Preferred 9mm defensive bullet weight?

    In all my thrashing about the Internet gathering all information I can, I came upon the following site referencing and article from that is pretty interesting: Link Removed LGB, thanks for the link to LE Wound Balistics. Bookmarked it but haven't yet had a chance to puruse it yet...
  4. waddy

    Preferred 9mm defensive bullet weight?

    I have exhausted my limited "Search" abilities and haven't been able to find an answer. Knowing full well that if you ask 5 gun people a question you will most likely get 7 different opinions, I would like to see if there is any kind of a general consensus on whether most folks prefer a 115gr...
  5. waddy

    .22 magnum velocity in short barrels?

    Has anyone had the opportunity to put one of the short barrels across a chronograph? I'm thinking of the North American Arms little revolvers chambered in .22 magnum, but more especially one of the Smith J Frames. I would be really interested in knowing if the magnum velocity generated out of...
  6. waddy

    Navajo Nation gun laws?

    I just returned from a 250 course at Gunsite. Since I was traveling there from the North, I went through the Navajo and a corner of the Hopi Nations. Does anyone know what the rules are regarding concealed carry or handguns in general there? Is there a difference in rules when traveling on a...
  7. waddy

    How do you carry when backpacking?

    Although it is perfectly legal to open carry in Colorado, I dislike backpacking with a visible handgun as just the sight of a gun sends the bedwetters into a frenzy. I simply don't wish to end up in that type of discussion. My newest "solution" is one of the Ribz packs. It is actually not too...
  8. waddy

    When to replace recoil springs?

    Is there a rule of thumb available to use for an indication of when to replace recoil springs. My practice has been interrupted lately and I have completely lost track of round count. Is there a generally accepted guideline or indicator for when it would be a good idea to replace the recoil...