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    Home Defense

    If you want a valid on-point analysis of 2A you need to read Scalia's opinion, not some other off the wall anecdote.
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    You are correct again, OUTLAW. For a change. To kill a bear, a body shot is almost irrelevant. The high powered heavy calibre bullet needs to enter each eye socket, and then ricochet around inside its skull. It would normally require at least three such carefully aimed shots, to each eye and...
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    You are correct, OUTLAW. For a change. Mountain lions and coyotes are usually about the same size as a dog, and therefore an anti-personnel cartridge like the LEOs carry and regularly shoot dogs with is fine for those two species. With any bear, black or brown, even emptying the entire...
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    Who to ask in California?

    The California law states that if you are in an unincorporated area (means not within the city limits) where shooting is not prohibited, then you may open carry loaded, as in hunting. Try the Open Carry Forum: Link Removed They cover this better than Cal Guns.
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    Home Invasion In Houston Last Night - Homeowner Wins

    Not sure where you get "chl" from? Says nothing about chl. Sounds like the opposite actually.
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    A .22LR is as good as a .45

    The best application for a 22LR is for small game, especially on a backpack trip when you can't comfortably carry a 22LR rifle with you. Try the Colt Woodsman or any of the Ruger copycats of it. For self defense, I will stick to my 45ACP. And for a hitman I would call a professional not do it...
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    The Best all round handgun

    Nice pocket gun. The only thing I don't like is that you first need to futz with either the hammer or the safety to get it ready to shoot. A simple double action would be much better.
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    In Memoriam -- The Flight 93 Passenger Revolt

    The passenger revolt on Flight 93 began at 09:57, after the passengers took a vote amongst themselves about whether to act.[23] By this time, Flight 77 had struck the Pentagon and Flights 11 and 175 had struck the World Trade Center towers.[23] The hijackers in the cockpit became aware of the...
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    Let them eat cake

    The cupcakes look good. I'll take the one with the 300 RUM on it.
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    Let them eat cake

    I believe that a 13 year old is way too young to consider these issues, and unfortunately this may be signs of something not too good. I am guessing it is probably just due to too much exposure to the military history channel. At age 13 kids are most often just learning to hunt squirrels and...
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    Animals You Didn’t Know You Could Eat

    Good list. That has most of the ones I thought of too, but they forgot the tree frogs and toads.
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    .45 vs Body Armor

    Good analysis. I did not get your point though. You gave great facts and analysis but then left out your conclusion. If you are concluding that everyone in the theatre did the right thing by ducking and covering, then I would agree with you. I think it is just too bad that there were all...
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    God & the Bible, squaring belief with reality

    Not sure if this is the beginning of the end, but it does seem interesting. Water reservoir development is something that was done to a large degree back during the last great depression, and now would be a good time to build more dams and reservoirs. Especially in the western states of Wash...
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    Gun control laws and organized crime...

    Sweetie when I say research I mean something involving a whole lot more study than that. Try reading the USSC ruling to start with. It's a good starting point to get up to speed.
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    Why did no one fight back?

    The problem I see is low I/Q's in the peanut gallery. You obviously have no idea what the muzzle of a shotgun or AR can do to your dreams of heroism.
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    Fox vs CNN live converage of Aurora shootings

    Been watching the Fox and the CNN live coverage of the Aurora Colo movie shootings. Fox has been doing a superb job of covering the latest breaking issues. Compared to Fox, CNN has actually been quite slow. Been switching back and forth to avoid their commercial advertisments. Huckabee is...
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    State sales tax on internet purchaces

    Each of the various states is different. Some tax internet sales, others do not. Some make retailers collect sales tax on internet sales, others do not. Some make you / want you to self-declare your own "use tax" on internet transactions and/or private transactions. It all depends on what...
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    OC or CCW not possible during archery season

    Since OC and CCW are not possible during archery season, and it is not a great idea to leave a firearm in your tent when you are gone either, I leave my 44 and 45 at home then. Am getting ready to go hunting for buck deer now on the annual archery opener for the California coast. My jack knife...
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    A great day scouting before the opener

    I had a great day scouting for deer today one week before the archery opener. Saw 24+ doe's, half of them with fawns, and 6 bucks, 3 of which had broad beamed racks in velvet. Life Is Good.
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    What to do in a mugging situation?

    Well I agree that the ghetto is no place to be unless you yourself live in the ghetto. And then it is a gunfight all day long. My experience in my realm, the rest of the world, away from the ghetto, is that OC deters criminal minds from becoming potential perps. They always instead attack...