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    Man open carries long gun in Gulfport, MS. Wal Mart

    Link Removed So what do you guys and gals think? Was he pushing the open carry law a bit too far or not?
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    Tips When Stopped By Police and Carrying a Firearm

    Probably a repost, but never hurts to post again.
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    Nore taxes on Guns and Ammo??

    Link Removed
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    Felons Don't Have To Register Guns Under the Fifth Amendment

    This is kind of interesting, Link Removed ruled in Haynes vs. U.S. (1968) that convicted felons have a Constitutional right to not register a gun, because to register a gun would be self-incrimination. Only people that aren’t criminals can be punished for not registering. If the criminals...
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    Be careful driving in the snow....

    Not for the faint of heart!!!! Vidvir
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    R.I.P. Ronnie Montrose

    This ruined my day right here.
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    Texas Flashlight

    May be a re-post but pretty cool just the same. New Proto Type Texas Flashlight - handy to have to walk the dog or take care of any little problem that might come up
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    mississippi gun ranges

    hey, i know of 3 ranges just on the mississippi gulf coast. ho do i add them to the list of ranges in my state. Range53 MAIN Link Removed
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    R.I.P. Gary Moore 1952 to 2011

    A sad day indeed. Most may remember him as the lead guitarist for Thin Lizzy. YouTube - The Boys are Back in Town - Thin Lizzy (1976)
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    sp1 serial numbers

    i am trying to find information on the serial numbers for yearly production runs for the colt ar15 sp1 from 1964 to present. any information will be of great help.
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    Motivational Posters

    i tried to delete this post as i could not get the pictures to show up.
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    I don't have a gun

    May be a re-post but on well.... My old grandpa said to me, "Son, there comes a time in every man's life when he stops bustin' knuckles and starts bustin' caps and usually it's when he becomes too old to take an ass whoopin'." I don't have a gun to kill people. I have a gun to keep from being...
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    shady pawn shops

    i bought me a 1972 colt ar15 sp1 from a fellow in Iowa and had it shipped to a local pawn shop cause i do not hold a ffl and we have no gun shops close. anyway, he chalk marked the bolt and carrier in several places so that i would know that it was original to the weapon. he sent me pictures as...
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    shooting at the holocaust museum

    holy crap!!! my 16 yr. old daughter is there on a school trip. she called to say she is alright but shook up a bit. this is her first time away from us. man i'm shook up. and no guns are allowed in d.c. how the heck did he get pass the metal detectors??? man i need a drink.
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    darwin award canidate

    what a bozo. Link Removed
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    what would you do??

    my wife's friend and her hubby were over the other night. we were talking bout the military. i had told him that my dad did 2 tours in nam. 1 he volunteered for. my dad was army. her husband states that he was a marine and that they had to do 3 yrs. over there. that all marines had to. grant it...
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    store clerk with ccw+1 would be BG+0

    parts of this video seem a little strange. like the 2 extra shots fired at BG after he was down. and why the clerk moved the body. is this a staged video and will the clerk face charges for his actions. i don't know. what do you think???? Link Removed
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    Darrell Scott

    I would just like to share this with who ever would like to read it thanks. This was wrote by Darrell Scott. Guess our national leaders didn't expect this, hmm? On Thursday, Darrell Scott, the father of Rachel Scott, a victim of the Columbine High School shootings in Littleton , Colorado...
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    What's your thoughts on this ???

    Link Removed Deputy's alleged assault on 15 yr. old girl.