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    Nevada Carry Question

    As far as I had found, that Oct 1 date would have applied to the college campus carry, which didn't make it to floor vote last session. All other laws went into effect July 1, 2011, so no laws are pending going into effect on Oct 1, 2011. The synopsis from these two links appear complete (pay...
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    Positive encounter with police at bank today

    I would assume this... If he is in a police uniform, he is a police officer. If he is in a security uniform, he is security, but he can make a full arrest being a sworn LEO and more or less "transition" to a police officer (he would just need a phone booth to change in - LOL) when the need...
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    Why? Because...

    I'm a Paramedic. I've never responded to an "almost" shooting... that's what cops are for. Also, because I never pick up assailants, only victims. That's why enough for me. Thanks to USA Carry for spreading the word and posting the updates!