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    Going to the gun range

    Well i'm going to the gun range today. I haven't been on a gun range in a long time and is alittle scary. As long as I practice safety I should be just fine. Who knows maybe I will shoot me some zombies while I am there(lol):sarcastic:. Will let you know how I did. I am going to shoot my ruger...
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    Practice at the gun range.

    I am just curious how many of you go to the gun range and practice shooting? As a veteran I found out that I can get a discount at my local gun range and shoot as long as I want. Haven't been to the gun range in a while and feel maybe going to the gun range for practice might not be a bad ideal...
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    Carry or not to carry conceal

    With all of the events that has happen this last week around the country. I have been wondering if it is safe to carry conceal or not to carry. My gun is right next to my bed and has not been put on or even taken to the range for practice. Should I take a chance everyday and not carry conceal or...
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    CCW classes all booked up.

    I was online looking at the website of a gun range where I took my ccw class. Out of curiosity I decided to see how full the classes were. From April to June every ccw class was booked up solid. I thought people are really getting serious about their protection and I for one am glad to see that...
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    New here.

    Hi, I'm from Oklahoma and have my ccw license. Looking at buying a crossbreed holster iwb maybe this weekend and do some target shooting. I have a Ruger LC9 and have shot it once and love it. Tried to carry openly several times but didn't feel right. Also need to start carrying around my house...
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    carrying conceal at store.

    Well after listening to the Sheriff's from around the country asking the citizens to arm them selves. I have taken their advice and carried concealed tonight to and from the store. Since it is getting dark earlier I am not taking any chances. Gregg
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    New to forum.

    Hi, My name is Gregg and I'm from Oklahoma. I do have a ccl and have carried only a few times. With the terrorist attacks happening I am going to start carrying conceal a lot more. I retired from the Oklahoma Army National Guard after 26 1/2 years and a tour in Iraq 2004-2005. At my age of 55...