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    Kymtec, LLC Opens Northwest Arms Gun Store in Las Vegas

    Hello everybody. For those who may not already be aware, there is a new gun store open in NW Las Vegas. Today I visited them to get some info and help spread the word. Northwest Arms is also sponsoring a $50.00 gift certificate/credit giveaway and we will be doing that drawing on October...
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    MASSIVE new gun facility coming to Las Vegas

    Hi everybody, Wild West Guns from Anchorage, AK is about to unleash their new 10,000sq foot facility in Las Vegas. Although they have not opened the doors yet, we managed to get a tour and some info to share with everybody. Info, pics, and video for those who are interested. An introduction...
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    Erik Scott Candlelight Vigil

    Hello all, I realize that this being my first post, it may seem a bit spammy. Under the circumstances, please avoid that train of thought and focus on the real issue which is spreading the word about the shooting of Erik Scott by LVMPD Officers. Last night we attended Erik's candlelight vigil...