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    Favorite music working against me?

    I have been thinking about this quite a bit in the last few days. Does my taste in music need to change if I am going to carry all the time? I ask this becasue I enjoy listening to alot of heavy metal, metalcore, screamo, death metal, you name it. It does not make me more aggressive, but I feel...
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    No more Alcohol for me

    I was thinking the other day, Why would I want to drink a beverage that would force me to leave my firearm in my vehicle locked up and unloaded when that could be the time when I would need it the most. In the past I have consumed a fair share of alcohol but now, I plan and will carry everywhere...
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    I open carried to the movie theater

    Today we decided to go to our local celebration cinema and go watch Pirates of the Caribbean. Our celebration cinema has well over 2500 seats and in Michigan, that is a "pistol free zone" UNLESS you have a valid cpl permit, and even then you have to open carry because you cannot carry concealed...
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    I am official!!!!!

    I took a trip down to the county clerk today to find out what my status is on my CPL application and unexpectedly she pulled out a large stack of envelopes and handed mine to me. Inside was my concealed pistol license . I can now carry
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    Positive personal defense stories?

    This has probably been posted before, but I couldnt find anything from the search function. I would be interested in hearing some stories from members who have been in a scenario where you have had to use, or brandish a firearm for personal protection.
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    Why are people so stupid?

    This is a clip of a couple getting harassed by a couple of punks in a truck. Ive seen stuff like this happen quite a bit, and its happened to me and my dad a couple times. We live in the country and have alot of idiots with drivers licenses. This is one reason that I have pursued a cpl permit...
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    Dog attacks and confrontations????

    My friend told me about a incident a couple days ago. He said he was walking his two dogs in the woods ( cocker spaniels) when I loose pitbull charged him and his dogs and was about to attack his dogs. Luckily the owners were close and got the dog off them and releashed it. He continued walking...
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    How has concealed carry changed your life?

    Just interested in how some of your lives were changed since you started carrying? (Habbits, dress, recreation, etc.....)
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    Movie theater vs. a theatre

    In michigan, they state that a Theatre is a pistol free zone if it has a seating of 2500 or more. Would that include a Movie theater or not? I dont see why I shouldnt be able to carry in one, but as a law abiding citizen, im at a loss. If there are no signs posted at the entrance (which there...
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    Any Metalcore fans????

    Am I the only one on the forum who likes to jam to the heavier side of things? Post up your favorite tunes, ill start.
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    worst case scenario, cant draw fast enough?

    While a firearm is probably the best defense in stopping an immediate when you have time to draw, you have to think; Will I always have time to draw and if not what then? I have been thinking, not only is getting a ccw a great idea, but taking some krav maga courses may be just as good to take...