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    Holster suggestions for petite girl...???

    My sister appendix carries her LCP in a Remora. She sometimes does that with her Walther Model 9, but that thing is so small she thinks she could almost conceal it in a bikini if she wanted to. My sister is 5'-0" if she stands tall and takes a deep breath. Tiny little squirt, but really feisty...
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    Your favorite safe queen?

    I have two: First, this 5-1/2" barrel Ruger BlackHawk .45 Colt: Link Removed It goes with me deer hunting every year just in case I see one close enough to use it for filling the Freezer. It's been breathed on. Internals all polished, Wolf trigger spring, cylinder throat reamed out to...
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    Hornady Critical Defense vs Critical Duty

    Interesting link. Thanks. I must have missed it, but no place on that page I could find did it say all those loads have been certified by the FBI as having passed their test. They have been "vetted" by the guy (or Doctor Roberts?) that wrote the post, but that isn't the same thing. Is...
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    SHOW YOUR "CRAFTSMANSHIP" (what ya done to yer gun)

    I rebarreled my wife's sporterized 1903 Springfield. Her late father had it built for her when she was in HS (1957 is when it was built). It was fired by someone, I don't know who, with surplus ammo that had corrosive primers and not cleaned. The barrel was beyond ruined. She never had a...
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    Commonsense in Concealed Carry, and Gunfights

    Possibly relevant. I learned about the book "Just 2 Seconds" on a different forum a few days ago. The Author's website related to the book is here: Link Removed The book, was written for what he calls "Protectors", AKA Bodyguards, but there is a lot of information in it that might be useful...