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    List of Wisconsin CCW Instructors

    I am putting the final touches on my WI class material and am now offering training opportunities in WI. Classes will discuss such topics as WI law, use of force, safe gun handling, basic self defense skills, firearms selection, conflict resolution and a host of other information. My classes...
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    Iowa "Shall Issue" Permit to Carry Weapons Classes

    Some of you may know me from I have been a NRA Instructor for 10+ years and helped push to get the new Iowa "shall issue" law passed. I am now giving courses in preparation of the new law going into effect and I am located here in Iowa (Oskaloosa). I have classes scheduled...
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    List of Iowa CCW Instructors

    Hawkeye Firearms Instruction Hawkeye Firearms Instruction Steve Hensyel NRA Certified Instructor Serving all of Iowa Link Removed While the name is new, the enthusiasm and dedication are the same. Forming Hawkeye Firearms Instruction is simply an official continuation of my passion for...