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  1. DocCurt

    camps, classes in Southern Maine

    Had my 11 year old grandson on the range today. He's a great student and he is now hooked. I'm interested in finding a camp or class for him (with me, I hope) in Southern Maine or nearby New Hampshire. Any suggestions. I already try search engines, no help.
  2. DocCurt

    belt loop probs

    I've been carrying my .357 Smith & Wesson on my belt. It actually tore a belt loop right off my jeans. Any suggestions?
  3. DocCurt

    Recent OC in Maine

    I went fishing and moose "hunting" with my son-in-law and grandsons last week. I decided as we headed out that I would OC everywhere we went. I did, and nobody even seemed to notice. Nobody asked; nobody stared. I was (pleasantly) surprised.
  4. DocCurt

    Some folks are getting quite antsy

    Here's a link to a site for membership in underground survival shelters for select individuals at $50,000 per adult. Check it out here.