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    Safariland 6280 Lv.2

    J:crazy_pilot: Just ordered my new holster for my hopefully new armed security job. I was looking for a holster that i could carry my M&P 40 with streamlight TLR-2 attached to it, well i found a Safariland for under $100 with shipping. Anyone use this or have used this holster before? It...
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    IS there a difference

    between the Winchester ranger talon and the winchester STX in .40 S&W?? if so what is it and is the PDX1 the same as the Talon? Keep hearing they are the same, but the person i hear it from isnt the best of knowing everything about ammo, so i figured id as you fine folks, cause most of the...
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    customer service is amazing.

    ok, so ill start by saying that crossbreed holsters has some amazing cust. service. here is why. so i noticed a small crack in the kydex portion. I emailed them about it and what do they think i should do. (didnt want to bother them if it was not a big deal seeing as it was small). they replyed...
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    OK guys got a question.....

    say the girlfriend is driving and stoped by local pd for somthing minor like a tail light out. shes not carrying, but has her permit, i as the passenger am carrying my firearm and have a permit. do i need to inform the officer as quickly as i would if i was the one driving?? or do i just keep...
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    any info will help. please and thank you.

    so i got my night sights installed by a guy my gun shop recomended. well it seems that now that the sights are on (and look great btw) the front sight seems to be way more dim then it was when i got it in the mail. can u make the insert trivium explode or somthing?? its just not near as bright...
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    night sights

    just ordered a set of meprolight night sights for my xd-40 subcom. should be here around the 25th. anyone have them already~ did i make a good buy for my ccw gun?
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    M&P .40 w/ Streamlight TLR-2 Holster?

    hey all, im looking for a belt holster for my M&P .40 that will also let me keep my streamlight tlr-2 attached, but i cant seem to find any. anyone know a good spot???? thanks!
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    .40 cal fans.

    got 3 loads id like your opinion on for my xd-40 subcompact. out of these 3 what would you carry for your 3 inch sc? winchester 165g ranger talon winchester 165g pdx1 or federal 155g hst love to know what you think about these or anyother u think might be worth passing along.
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    ccw at gun show

    im going to a gun show here in texas tomorrow and or on sunday. first time to a show so im excited. hopefully i can find some cool stuff like hard to get ammo. anyone who has been to a gun show can you cc at one or because of the nature of the event are you not allowed? i dont want to have to...
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    best way to clean

    for all those out there, whats the best way to clean your gun after a trip to the range or just to make sure its clean. i know the general idea, strip it and clean the barrel, slide, and frame, bu tis there anything else. i just use a gun cloth on the slide, and frame, and dry patches to clean...
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    tru glo

    has anyone on here used the trivium fiber optic sights from truglo?? pro's or cons?? also what night sights would one recommend?
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    laser vs. night sights

    so im in the market for either a set of night sights... mainly metprolite (spell check) the ones used on kimber pistols or im looking into laser lyte.. the rear sight laser... what are the pros or cons for either idea and why.... looking to get it with in the next month or so. any feed back...
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    .40 cal ammo or whatever you use.

    this is mostly for anyone who shoots .40 cal, but is also for anyone who shoots. just wondering what load you use for your ccw or home defence weapon. i use 155 grain federal hst or 155g speer golddots. in the sub compact i use 165g critical defence from horandy. great load with alot of...
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    lbs on a trigger pull

    just a quick question, but would anyone here know how many pounds a triggr takes to fire on a smith and wesson m&p .40 and a subcompact xd-40 or where to find the info? cant seem to find the info anywhere. thanks for your help
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    crossbreed super tuck

    hey all, just got my crossbreed super tuck holster in the mail today for my subcompact xd-40 and man what a holster. just like it looks in the pictures and it wears really well. very durible and great feel. only have 5 hours of wear on it, but if i love it now it will only get better with more...
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    wepon lights

    hey everyone.. got questions for all... who uses a wepon mounted light on their guns? what kind? i use a streamlight tlr-2 with the new c4 chip. bright as all hell. its back up light s a streamlight stinger hp led (handheld) just curious to what you use. also anyone use a green laser? is...
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    printing question

    like the title says how do you go about making sure the gun you are carrying on ur belt isnt "printing' i carry a fullsize m&p in a blackhawk cqc holster. im 6'2 245 lbs and i cant seem to get the thing not to print no matter what i do and an iwb holster just dont work for me. im currently...
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    any info please

    im looking in to .40 cal ammo for my subcompact xd and my fullsize m&p. currently using federal 155g hst in the fullsize and horandy critical defence in the subcom. im looking for anyone who may have some info on - 40 S&W Federal LE Tactical Bonded 165gr. HP Ammo.... anything u got pros/cons is...
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    blackhawk serpa.

    can anyone tell me how to switch out the belt loop part of the holster for the paddle? for some reason i cant figure how to attach the paddle. thank you!!!
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    hello usa carry world

    hey all im a newbie here and i just wanted to say hello. just got my ccw last week and am very excited about it. just bought a new subcompact xd .40 this afternoon to use as the cc. let ya'll know how it shoots when i get to the range. happy shooting!