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  1. wjh2657

    Glock 23 ten round mags

    If they ever do limit our magazine capacity Glock 23 owners are SOL. Looking to the future and desiring to be able to carry my G23, I have gone to every major supplier in the U.S. and ordered two 10 Round G23 Mags. All now list the mags as out of stock and no backorders. Glock Shop shows my...
  2. wjh2657

    Gun Control already in effect in Connecticut

    With all the talk of “Gun Law Dialogue” the media has completely missed an important point. Connecticut already has in place all of the provisions being discussed . Purchase permits, involving screening by local, state and federal agencies is already the law. Gun show dealers have to obtain...
  3. wjh2657

    What do you carry everyday?

    S&W 642, Bianch Speedstrip, LG cellphone and a Swiss Army Cadet knife. I do actually EDC and I keep it light and practical. I add a Streamlight Penlight Pro if I am returning after dark. Link Removed
  4. wjh2657

    I have discovered most people would not fight back.

    Before being so sure that Ohio law gives you a blanket “License to Kill”, read the article at the link posted below. Also I am not the “bleeding heart” you seem to portray. If you read the rest of the post, I do carry with a HCP and I would probably use my weapon to defend others in most...
  5. wjh2657

    Your favorite safe queen?

    ca.1951 S&W M&P (pre-model 10) Factory nickel snub barrel. It's my "Weddings and Funerals" gun.Real class act. Link Removed
  6. wjh2657

    ALL "first handguns" should be .22lr

    Pity is: the topic is good. I do practice daily ( with Bullet trap in my garage)with a .22 revolver(S&W 317)I then practice once a week with my 642 in .38 Spcl at the range. Using a .22 in the same platform as my .38 allows some pretty good skill sets to develop. I don't think it is essential...
  7. wjh2657

    Does it Make Sense to Get a .22 Pistol?

    I have several .22 LR pistols but the one that gets the most use is my S&W 317 . It is the same frame and same trigger as my EDC a S&W 642. In fact the 317 is a little more difficult to shoot because of it's lighter weight. I fire the 317 at a bullet trap in my garage every day. As I practice...
  8. wjh2657

    Where do you keep your firearms when sleeping

    Mossberg 500 (primary HD)and current EDC. I put whatever I have been carrying that day in the forward holster. Just be very careful how you wake me! Link Removed
  9. wjh2657

    .357 advice/ideas wanted

    See "Dynamic Duo" below. The upper revolver , a S&W 686, is my carry gun in the winter when I can wear overgarments to cover it in an OWB holster. The Bottom revolver is my carry revolver, a S&W 640, in Autumn and early Spring, usually under a sweater covering an IWB. Both are .357 Magnum. I...
  10. wjh2657

    Home Defense Shotgun

    HD shotguns are an easy "first project" for building your own gun. My primary HD gun is below. It started as a very pathetic hulk of a Mossberg 500A (12 Gauge)hunting shotgun picked up in a cornfield after a tornado. The gun had ridden the funnel to quite a ways from home. We never did find the...
  11. wjh2657

    Strict Constitutionalist vs Revisionist

    Please read all of the posts in the below thread first: Now make a decision based on your own current thoughts, before reading replies below. There is no gray area...
  12. wjh2657

    "Trespassers will be shot" idiot convicted of murder

    Take a hard look at these two. Hell, people like them are the reason I carry a gun! Link Removed
  13. wjh2657

    Advice on Best Concealed Carry Handgun

    EastOkHotRod. You are obviously a neophyte with no true forum experience. Only the Barrett .50 cal. below, carried in a Smart Carry , will suffice to stop Zombies and the AK-47 and RPG equipped 8th Grade gangbangers one should expect to encounter in the WALMART parking lots. The weapons you...
  14. wjh2657

    Your Next Firearm: Semiauto or Revolver?

    S&W 66 snubby, it is missing from the family circle! Link Removed
  15. wjh2657

    Navy Gun Policy New Navy Rules for Personal Firearms Week of June 28, 2010 "The Navy has announced a policy change regarding personal firearms. One highlight of the new policy is the ability for all Sailors to store their personal firearms in base housing or armories (when space is available), as...
  16. wjh2657

    Advice on Best Concealed Carry Handgun

    I posted this elsewhere, but it does pertain here too. When I started carrying the 642 in a pocket holster I had my seamstress sew in an extra deep reinforced pocket for the right front pocket. It places pistol lower on leg and makes cylinder blend in with leg curve. It also serves to hide grip...
  17. wjh2657

    Bed rack for rifle or shotgun

    Now I lay me down to sleep...... Link Removed
  18. wjh2657

    Revolver People

    Pick one. Link Removed
  19. wjh2657

    Metal Mossy 500 safety.

    The more I look at this thing, the more it looks like a bolt action rifle safety button. Mossberg says it doesn't resemble anyything stock or add on that they have ever seen. It has the low profile and one way serrations of a rifle safety. The old Savage had something pretty similar. I don't...
  20. wjh2657

    Metal Mossy 500 safety.

    I was getting ready to order a metal safety button kit for my Mossberg 500 HD when I suddenly noticed for the very first time that I already had a metal button. Now my question is: is this stock or add on? Does anybody out there have an older Mossberg 500 with the metal button from the factory...