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    Guns make a difference

    If you need to convince someone why you carry, have them read this. Link Removed
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    What do you all think of this method?

    Came across this by accident. Looks interesting.YouTube - AGI 301 The Israeli Instinctive Combat Shooting Method
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    Church Carry

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    How in the heck do I get my wife to try shooting?

    :help::My wife is very afraid of guns. She totally understands why my Son and I carry. I took her to the range a couple of times but she jumps everytime someone discharges a weapon. She then goes out to the waiting area and sits. Any ideas? LONG LIVE THE FIGHTERS!
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    To chamber or not on M&P without safety

    Have an M&P 45 without a thumb saftey. Not sure if I should chamber a round when I carry it. I carry it in a Blackhawk retention holster. Am I being over cautious by not chambering?
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    Traveling through Illinois

    If I understand the illinois gun law correctly, as an out of state permit holder I can pass through the state if my gun is in a case in the trunk with the magazines in the car. Am I right?
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    S&W M&P 45 Question

    Just bought my first pistol. I've always been a revolver man. Bought the M&P45. It came with 3 interchangeable palmwells. Is there a guide to which one you use or is it simply comfort?
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    M&P 9mm or 40?

    I'm a revolver guy normally but I'm interested in the M&P pistol. Please give me some opinions on which one to choose. Thanks,
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    Don't forget the heros.

    With the political news on the minds of most folks, let's not forget the fighting men and women around the world. They are the true heros that keep us safe to have the freedoms that we sometimes take for granted. When you see a soldier, buy him or her a drink or pay for their dinner or just...
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    Sarah Palin on Snl

    Anyone see Sarah Palin on SNL? She was a reel trooper and did great against the liberal smear tactics.