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  1. mwhals

    America is a Christian Nation

    Just read 2 Timothy 3. Link Removed
  2. mwhals

    First time carrying right now

    To get used to it on me in the brand new holster. I live in the country, so I am not concerned about doing it once. In the city, it would be loaded. Looking for critiques or suggestions if any improvement potential is noticed other than the belt and holster color being different. The gut is...
  3. mwhals

    First time carrying right now

    I had my Ruger SP101 3" .357 Magnum for three months, but just today received my Ryan Grizzle IWB holster. I always take 3 mile walks in the evening. I now have it with me on the walk with the gun unloaded to get a good feel for it.
  4. mwhals

    My wife got trained!

    My wife now has training to be a concealed weapon carrier. The house that carries together and shoots together stays together. Double trouble for bad guys if we are together.
  5. mwhals

    SP101 thoughts

    I fired a few rounds from my new SP101 357 magnum of 38 special and 357 magnum today. I thought the recoil was very manageable with either round with the stock grip. I wasn't using a target, but felt the gun handled extremely well for me. The first shot had the most felt recoil, but the rest of...
  6. mwhals

    Finally decided ok n my first CCW!

    I Finally Decided on my First CCW! I thank everyone for their input on questions I have submitted. I am purchasing a Ruger SP101 3" .357 and am looking forward to putting .38 Specials and .357 Magnums through it.
  7. mwhals

    Determining value of Firearms

    I am trying to determine the value of the following firearms: 1. Colt Mark IV Series 70 45 auto stainless (dad bought in the 1970's I think, but it looks new) 2. Taurus 357 revolver bought around 1992 3. 10/22 Ruger with Deerfield scope 3-9 4. 30 30 Winchester M94 All firearms are in...
  8. mwhals

    Most and a Least Available Ammo Calber

    In your areas, what are you finding as the most and least available calibers of ammo?
  9. mwhals

    Largest size pistol to easily hide IWB

    I am 6'1 and around 200 pounds although 175 pounds is a better weight for me. Given that range of weights and my height, what would be the largest pistol that is easily concealed without printing in a good IWB holster? I like the Springfield Armory XD Subcompacts over the XDS single stacks. I...
  10. mwhals

    Holster/Sheath for knife or flashlight

    I will either carry the knife or flashlight on my belt along with my iPhone. The other will be clipped in a pocket. The knife is an Emerson Mini CTQ 15 and the flashlight will be a Surefire E2D Defender Ultra or P2X Fury. What holsters for a knife or flashlight are recommended? In WV, we can...
  11. mwhals

    EDC flashlight recommendation

    I am thinking about a Fenix P35, but was looking to see if there are other recommendations.
  12. mwhals

    Sig P239 DAK or SAS for CCW

    The Sig P239 is the gun I want, so now deciding on the trigger. The DAK is DA only with a 7 pound trigger. The SAS is DA/SA with 10 pounds and 4.4 pounds, respectively. I can see the merits of both.
  13. mwhals

    Conceal Carry Full Size M&P?

    Anyone here conceal carry a full size M&P? The compact version is good, but wondering about full size.
  14. mwhals

    Where are people keeping large gun safes

    I am thinking of getting a quality gun safe and would like to put it on an outside wall if our master bedroom. The house has a crawl space. I know some put them in the garage. I am sure some reinforcements might be necessary under the house, but it should be minimal due to being on an outside...
  15. mwhals

    Ammo Storage Without Gun Safe

    Where do most people store their ammo if they don't have a gun safe? Ammo boxes? Can they be locked?
  16. mwhals

    M&P Shield as First Gun

    So you are saying the .40 has quite a bit of recoil? I would think so due to the low weight. Sent from my iPhone using Link Removed
  17. mwhals

    M&P vs M&Pc for CCW (Differences)

    I agree this is good advise. My pinky being on the grip (not mag extension) and not in a pinch position between the mag and grip is a priority for me. Sent from my iPhone using Link Removed
  18. mwhals

    M&P Shield as First Gun

    I have been looking at my first gun all wrong in that I think I should start out at 9 mm and move up to higher caliber. I think the M&P 9mm Shield would be a great first gun. I could get used to it and then start carrying it. I could then move up to the .40 M&P Shield and I believe it would...
  19. mwhals

    I have narrowed my choices

    Thanks. I am 6'1" and 195, but want to get back down to 175-180 pounds. Sent from my iPhone using Link Removed
  20. mwhals

    I have narrowed my choices

    I would need to own all three to shoot all three. No one I know has those guns and there is not a place near me that rents. That has been the biggest obstacle to choosing a gun. Sent from my iPhone using Link Removed