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  1. DrDavidM

    Fatal Shooting in Toy's R Us

    Witnesses: Fatal shooting followed toy store brawl By GILLIAN FLACCUS, Associated Press Writer Gillian Flaccus, Associated Press Writer Sat Nov 29, 7:30 am ET...
  2. DrDavidM

    fixed site question

    Here is an idea. I have no idea how it would work, but it isn't too expensive to try. Link Removed
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    Firearm industry launches blog about firearm inaccuracies

    This is a very good idea. Hopefully, a few people will read it and realize the truth about firearms. Firearms Industry Launches Blog to Address Inaccuracies Surrounding Firearms...
  4. DrDavidM

    Stopping active killers

    Good article. Someone might have realized gun free zones invite killers. Link Removed
  5. DrDavidM

    Happy Veteran's Day

    I have said it before, but I want to take the opportunity to express my sincere gratitude to each one of you, and your family, who have served in the armed forces. With out you I would not be able to type this thread on here. Without you I would not be able to attend church each week. There ae...
  6. DrDavidM

    If You Could Carry Anything What Would It Be?

    I sure don't think so. I think you would look great carrying that.
  7. DrDavidM

    New DPMS AR

    Hey guys. How is everyone doing? I just had to share, due to the coming election I became a proud new owner of A DPMS Sportical AR15. I have not had the chance to fire it yet, but it seems very well made and certainly was a reasonable price. It did not come with any sights on it, so I had to...
  8. DrDavidM

    Hey guys, how's it going

    Hey everyone, I hope all has been going well during the past few weeks. Sorry I have neglected this wonderful site. I have just been working hard at the new job and around the house with our remodel and addition. I just checked my email for the first time in a few weeks and had 300 new messages...
  9. DrDavidM

    Are you an Obama fan?

    My friend and fellow USAcarry member emailed this to me. Sorry if you've already seen it. A teacher in Elmira , New York asked her 6th grade class how many of them were Obama fans. Not really knowing what an Obama fan is, but wanting to be liked by the teacher, all the kids raised...
  10. DrDavidM

    Memorial Day

    Thank you to all the veterans that have served for my freedom. Thank you to anyone that has lost a family member serving for this country. I can not express my gratitude to you!
  11. DrDavidM

    Maybe there is slight hope for IL

    There are at least some people who believe handgun carry could help IL. I doubt they will ever convince the rest of IL, but maybe there is hope. Link Removed State needs concealed carry law, not county By Chuck Sweeny RRSTAR.COM...
  12. DrDavidM

    Army marksmen head for olympics

    I sure wish them good luck. I can not imagine shooting effectively at a bullseye the size of an aspirin. Army Marksmen Target Beijing - Army Marksmen Target Beijing By MARK YOST May 15, 2008; Page D9 Columbus, Ga. We're winning in Baghdad, but can we win in Beijing? That's a...
  13. DrDavidM

    Disarming citizens emboldens criminals

    I found it on a link for the NRA website. Link Removed
  14. DrDavidM

    Disarming citizens emboldens criminals

    Here is a nice article I found. May 12, 2008 David Burnett: Disarming citizens emboldens criminals The Pro Guns on Campus Argument In a May 6 Times editorial, "Concealed-carry guns have no place on college campuses," readers were told students (faculty, staff, etc.) should not be...
  15. DrDavidM

    TX man tries to cash 360 billion dollar check

    Obviously, this has nothing to do with concealed carry, I just found it amusing in a really stupid way. I guess if your going to be a criminal do it big. Link Removed Police: Texas man trying to cash $360 billion check arrested 44 minutes...
  16. DrDavidM

    Everyone in my household must sleep with a gun

    Everyone must be trained and have a gun at hand in my household. Sorry, I thought this was just too cute and had to share it.
  17. DrDavidM

    Violent crimes in Washington D.C.

    I don't understand how this could happen with the gun control laws that DC has. District of Columbia police increase patrols citywide Sun Apr 27, 2:14 PM ET Police in the District of Columbia are planning to increase...
  18. DrDavidM

    Teenager puts peanut crumbs in classmates lunch

    This is of course very disturbing. An eighth grader is accused of putting peanut cookie crumbs in a classmates lunch that has a severe peanut allergy. This is just another example of how the desire to hurt someone can and will be accomplished without a gun. Perhaps we should ban peanut butter...
  19. DrDavidM

    I received my Crossbreed Supertuck Deluxe

    I received it Friday. It took about three weeks from the date of order. I think this is a great turn around time for a custom holster. Shipping and all I believe it was $74. A great price for a custom holster. At first I wasn't sure about it. The leather backing is very stiff. Which I realize...
  20. DrDavidM

    anybody with a CZ-82 ?

    I have one. Very nice pistol for what you pay for it. Obviously, 9x18 is not the ultimate caliber, but I would feel safe carrying it. Any specific questions for free to ask. If you are going to get one and don't already have a Curio and Relic license, get one. It took about a month from the...