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  1. Big Gay Al

    Showing state ID and Conceal Permit.

    Say what you want, about "being polite." Every time I've been stopped by police, I have always disclosed that I am carrying, handed over my CPL along with my DL and proof of insurance. And I've NEVER gotten a ticket since I got my CPL. I like to think it's a combination of factors that...
  2. Big Gay Al

    Any 1911 fans out there?

    This thread is useless without pictures. :smile: This is what I OC/CC, almost all the time. Link Removed (Click on it to enlarge the photo) Rock Island Armory 1911 Full Size Tactical. Much too pretty to hide under a cover my humble opinion that is. :wink:
  3. Big Gay Al

    10 reasons for open carry

    The biggest problem with SOB, it's really more for concealed carry. For OC, it's a bad choice. You don't usually get to see the people who see your weapon. So you can't gauge their reaction. At least with it on your side, you'll see most people who will see it, and you'll pretty much know...
  4. Big Gay Al

    What's the big deal?

    That's an interesting holster and belt combo.
  5. Big Gay Al

    Michigan here, Im being forced to open carry!!

    And the line I put in bold above is the primary reason many people doubt this actually occurred. More than a few think it was staged to help get a concealed carry law passed in Wisconsin.
  6. Big Gay Al

    Why open carry is horrible

    Now that is my kind of dog!! :wink:
  7. Big Gay Al

    10 reasons for open carry

    Tell that to the people inLink Removed. :biggrin:
  8. Big Gay Al

    Why Open Carry is a bad Strategy

    I have OC'd now for more than 3 years. During that time, I've never once been in a position where I felt I needed to pull my weapon. Now, maybe it's because I just don't run into that situation anymore, then again, maybe it isn't. Before I OC'd, I CC'd, and in the year prior to when I started...
  9. Big Gay Al

    Attitude of Some Police re: Open Carry

    Equally hopefully, Mr. Fiorino will file a civil suit for the police violating his civil rights. :)
  10. Big Gay Al

    10 reasons for open carry

    I've seen that story, back when it first came out. Frankly, I have serious doubts as to the honesty of it. At the time, many Wisconsinites (Cheese heads to those of us who live/lived in Chicago. :laugh: ) were fighting for the right to conceal carry. They had been denied this right by the...
  11. Big Gay Al

    10 reasons for open carry

    That would make you a rather UNCOMMON criminal. Most criminals don't want to take the risk. Most will move on to find an easier target. Or, as in the case of a restaurant in Link Removed, wait until the OCers leave. Too bad for those guys, while they were waiting, the police arrived and...
  12. Big Gay Al

    Non resident open carry in MI

    It's not my fault that they're wrong. :biggrin:
  13. Big Gay Al

    The Open Carry Argument

    So far as I know, there are no credible reports of an OCer being taken out "first" because he was OCing. Yes, there are maybe 2 questionable reports. But so far, the jury is still out on both, as far as I know. In general, 99.9% of bad guys will go the other way when they see someone is...
  14. Big Gay Al

    Wallet Card for Open Carry?

    If you know anyone who's interested, they can start one. Just go to the national PP website at Link Removed . They've got a link to an E-book on how to start a new chapter. Not rules, just guidelines and info to help anyone interested in doing so.
  15. Big Gay Al

    13 year old girl on gun control!

    Pretty good for a then, 13 year old. FYI, she's 19 now, and STILL going after the gun grabbers in her country. Link Removed is her web site.
  16. Big Gay Al

    Wallet Card for Open Carry?

    I recommend you check out the Minnesota sub forum at Link Removed. I think you'll find a lot of people there who might tell you otherwise.
  17. Big Gay Al

    Open Carry Opinions

    And this is just one case we know of. You have to wonder, how many times have OCer's detered a crime from happening, and no one ever found out.
  18. Big Gay Al

    Open Carry Opinions

    Well, I'd say there's little chance of that guy being mistaken for a LEO type. :biggrin: Unless of course, that's the way LEO's in your neck of the woods dress. :laugh:
  19. Big Gay Al

    Man open carrying was robbed of his gun

    I actually like that idea. And I agree, is is :cool:!!
  20. Big Gay Al


    I would recommend Link Removed, Shooters Alliance for Firearm Rights. This group grew out of the strife that went on in MCRGO. It has done numerous good deeds, including pushing for the Castle doctrine laws, and keeping up on what police departments are not following the rules properly with...