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    Post office carry

    I know the normal law, at least in my state, is no carry at the post office. Well, I was in there today and noticed something different about their gun buster sign...."NO CONCEALED WEAPONS". That sign used to say something different, but I cannot remember exactly the wording. Hmmmm, does that...
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    No guns allowed stores

    How about a sticky topic with a list of stores in Oklahoma that do not allow legal carry. With this compiled list maybe we can educated some of them and help turn their policies to allow legal carry in their stores.
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    Locke Supply

    Locke Supply Co. has one of the better gun policies that I have seen posted on a door. The sign is below. I am thinking of having some made to carry with me if I encounter an unfriendly business. Hoping that if I show them this one and can have a good discussion with the manager, maybe one...
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    Do "anti-CCW" stores have a greater legal responsibility to protect customers?

    I have the picture of the "no weapons" sign. I misled a bit, not the typical circle with a diagonal line. Link Removed To me this would be the correct sign to use. This sign is at Locke Supply.
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    Citizen's Arrest

    Anyone have any thoughts or facts on laws governing the act of a citizen's arrest involving a firearm? I have read about citizen's arrest procedures in my state (okla) but did not see anything about firearms being involved. I am currently researching this.