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  1. pistol pete

    Time to band together

    New york will most likely be one of the first states to go after guns. the liberal dems have over run the repuplicans. Its time for everyone in NY to band together and fight. The recent tragic hunting accident in Sullivan country has them already buzzing about banning certain rifles. The...
  2. pistol pete

    Survival Groups

    Does anyone have any info or know where I can find info on survival groups? Im in New York and I'm interested in finding out if there are any groups near by. Thanks in advance.
  3. pistol pete

    Whats the battleplan?

    Im curious as to what the battle plan is IF Nobama wins and the liberal left wing takes over America. Is anyone out there given this any thought?
  4. pistol pete

    Please Contact Your State Senator Today to Oppose the Governor’s Anti-Gun Package!

    Thursday, June 19, 2008 In the closing days of the legislative session, negotiations are taking place between Democratic Governor David Patterson’s Administration and legislative leaders on numerous proposals, including the Governor's gun control package. This package targets law-abiding...
  5. pistol pete

    Iraq War Vets For Congress Ny

    Iraq Veterans for Congress in New York : Gathering of Eagles: NY Link Removed
  6. pistol pete

    When and Where to Carry

    I live in Orange County and just recently updated my Carry permit to unrestricted. Im curious to hear from other full carry people when and where they carry and if they run into any problems. For example, going into stores etc where metal detectors are set up. Sorry if it sounds like a silly...