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  1. Itstjs

    Drunk Drivers

    This is FAR off topic, but wanted to share my experience tonight after getting off work. So, New Years Eve/Morning, I worked Security at a bar in Detroit Michigan, was kind of an annoying night being one of the very few sober people there, was even worse when the bar closed, pushing people out...
  2. Itstjs

    Brief Look Inside Illinois Shall Issue Debate

    I was scrolling through youtube when I came across this video, it goes to show there are still some State Reps that care for our carry rights. I still refuse to visit ANY place inside of Illinois due to their strict carry laws, however, this is a bit of a fresh breath of air. Quote from the...
  3. Itstjs

    Pistol Grip 12 ga Shotgun

    I would suggest the ATI collapsible stock, Ive had mine on there almost a year, no issues with it, easy to instal, many other accessories you can add to it, and works great. Reduces the recoil on the shoulder. Link Removed
  4. Itstjs

    Glock vs M&P

    So, the great debate. Was wondering where alot of you guys stand. Many people trust their lives to Glock, theyre simple, reliable, and accurate. M&P springing up on the market in recent years has quickly taken alot of the market away from Glock, as far as law enforcement issued weapons. So, my...
  5. Itstjs

    Making a gun cabenit/safe

    Ive had a chance to felt most of the cabinet, however, still working on the rifle section of the cabinet, hoping to make it hold up to 10 rifles, [although I dont have that many]. Any suggestions on how to hold the but stocks in place, or keep the barrels from moving? Im trying to build...
  6. Itstjs

    Going from Michigan to Ohio, Questions

    Wednesday, Oct 22 Im going to be taking my 1 yo son and my wife to the Toledo zoo. I am not familiar with Ohio CC laws, I know Michigan CPL is recognized there, however, some of their concealed carry FAQ was a little hazy to me. I was wondering if anyone could summarize the laws for me. Do I...
  7. Itstjs

    40 Stats that Prove America will Collapse

    I pulled these off The Economic Collapse when doing a search for information on the US Economy. Found them very awakening and a bit shaking. It shows we are headed to an inevitable Economic collapse in the very near future. It also compiles some statistical facts that show us how each of our...
  8. Itstjs

    Clerk foils robbery by drawing down on his armed robber

    Found on youtube, havent seen it posted on here, but heres the story and raw footage. Story: Tables turned on armed robber who tried to hold up an Iraq war veteran: Thief stares down the barrel of quick thinking victim's gun after trying to steal from a store. A thief who pulled a gun on a...
  9. Itstjs

    Had to Draw My Gun Tonight

    Tonight I was working an Unarmed Apartment site in Burton Michigan, its a scum hole, use to be an armed site until a liberal company took over the complex and demanded it be an unarmed account, its a rather large account so the owner kept the contract. Anyways.... I carry concealed all of the...
  10. Itstjs

    Winchester 30/30 Questions

    Put the Winchester 30/30 Mod. 94 on layaway today. Asking price was 385.99, talked him down to 325, I felt it was a pretty good deal, weapon was very clean compared to others, all of the wood was still in very good condition, and it was a name brand Winchester Repeating Arms Co rifle. Found out...
  11. Itstjs

    Making a gun cabenit/safe

    Im basically just adding 1; 2mm layer layer of steel to the outer part of the cabinet. I dont own a welder, nor do I think the aluminum [or what ever the lockers are made of] could handle the heat of a welder, so Im using screw less rivets to secure the pieces together. As far as bolting it...
  12. Itstjs

    Making a gun cabenit/safe

    Picked up a couple lockers from the old Pontiac Fiero plant. They were bound to be destroyed and sold for scrap, so I asked the foreman if I could have them. Theyre 2 sets of double lockers, meaning each unit is 2 lockers. Ive cleaned them and began working on them, they wont offer much safety...
  13. Itstjs

    Muzzle Awareness & General Safety Tips

    Most of you know I work as an Armed Security Officer. Tonight, during shift change, an employee of ours was showing off his new toy, a Tarus (not sure of the model) Hes a newer employee, and former 101 airborne vet. As he approaches, I firstly notice the unfit for duty holster he had. Some...
  14. Itstjs

    What would you do?

    Came across this video on youtube. Glad a CPL holder was carrying, probably against internet cafe policy, but his actions could have saved lives. Your thoughts? Senior Citizen Opens Fire on Robbers of Internet Cafe - YouTube <iframe width="560" height="315"...
  15. Itstjs

    Starbucks' CEO makes a "respectful request that customers no longer bring firearms."

    Ive never been to a starbucks, Ive got one down the road from me, but just choose not to go. I do respect his request, and I may choose to honor it, however, I feel, and I apologize if I offend anyone, but I feel that some of the "Extreme Open Carriers" draw a lot of unwanted attention to their...
  16. Itstjs

    Wife Refuses to Carry

    Wife came home from work yesterday, shes the manager at a Borics in our area. She had a client come into her store shortly before closing who had caught her attention and was "weird" the kid apparently came in and immediately sat down, my wife was finishing up a hair cut on someone, and her...
  17. Itstjs

    Winchester 30/30 Post 64

    Ok, so at the pawn shop today, seen a nice Winchester 30/30 on the shelf, amazing wood finish, (post 64) lever worked as it just came out of the box, aside from the slight markings at the loading port, it was flawless, they were asking 425.00 for it, I managed to talk them down to 300, and...
  18. Itstjs

    Michigan Open Carry Laws

    Link Removed there is a digital copy.
  19. Itstjs

    For those of you who live in Texas. You should watch this.

    So, Buda PD detains an Open Carrier and insults the man, calling him "retarded" and "annoying" for refusing to ID himself. He threatens to arrest the man for failure to Identify himself, which is in no way any law in any state. IE 4th Amendment. I encourage you to watch this and make sure your...
  20. Itstjs

    A lesson in what not to do. Flint Man arrested for carrying a gun into a theater

    Heres a great lesson in what NOT to do. I think this guy should have his CPL revolked for his stupidity, and its people like this who make the rest of us look like idiots. Heres the link: Heres a copy of the short story posted by ABC 12 News. GRAND BLANC TOWNSHIP (WJRT) - (07/31/13) - The...