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  1. sig_man

    Bank President foils Robbery

    This is the way to do it, good job President of Troy, Mo., bank pulls gun, nabs masked robber in parking lot : Stltoday
  2. sig_man

    Ohio CCW and Diversion Program

    I have a friend who made one mistake (non-violent) about 12 yrs ago and entered the diversion program, completed the program and was told his record would be clean. Does this mean he can answer NO to the legal questions on the CCW permit regarding criminal charges of arrests? Just looking ofr...
  3. sig_man

    NY Cops at it again - shoot unarmed man

    There has to be justice sooner or later Unarmed man shot dead by police in NYC - U.S. News
  4. sig_man

    Got me a new carry

    Just picked up a Sig P229R in 40 which will now become my EDC with my Shield 40 going to the ankle as my backup. Guess I need to get me a good IWB holster for the 229 to replace the cheap nylon one I am currently using for the short term.
  5. sig_man

    County Fairs and Concealed Carry

    Does anyone know if there are any restrictions regarding concealed carry when going to a count fair?
  6. sig_man

    How low can one get?

    Another person looking for free money and a sleaze lawyer willing to help - geez - get a life Derrick Hunter sues Maryland Small Arms Range over 'Ladies' Day" promotion Derrick Hunter sues Maryland Small Arms Range over 'Ladies' Day" promotion |
  7. sig_man

    Picked up a new M&P Shield 40

    Went to my LGS today to look at a Glock 36 (45), Springfield XDs (45) or a Shield in either 9 or 40. They only had the Shield 40 in stock (would have preferred the 36 or XDs) so I gave it a good look and found that it fit real comfortable in my large hand for being a small gun. The price was...
  8. sig_man

    New Gun Shop.....

    Here is the link, have heard good things about them Link Removed
  9. sig_man

    Any reviews of Armslist?

    I have a couple of handguns I am thinking of selling to finance some new handgun purchases. Has anyone used or heard any information, good or bad regarding
  10. sig_man

    Got my Utah CCW

    Application sent in on 4/24, CC charged on 5/4, permit issued 6/14, received 6/22. Interesting in the letter it stated that they are still waiting on the FBI check and that they could recall if there was a problem. Now I am covered in all but 11 states I believe.
  11. sig_man

    No words to describe these people

    You gotta read to believe - I have no words to describe NJ woman hit by ball sues Little Leaguer - Other sports- NBC Sports
  12. sig_man

    Accidental exposure or printing

    While I have carried for quite some time, I am still vague on the laws or lack of regarding accidental exposure and/or printing. What are the laws in Ohio regarding concealed carry and accidental exposure and/or printing?
  13. sig_man

    Straight Pull or FBI cant

    Thought I would try to start a discussion on types of holsters. Trying to determine which is best for both IWB and OWB, a straight pull up draw or the standard 15 degree FBI cant. I have both and the each have their advantages and disadvantages. What do you think?
  14. sig_man

    Follow-On Classes

    Try this place in St Louis Link Removed
  15. sig_man

    Another Reason Not to go to New Jersey

    Check out this story, dad saves his son's life but gets two tickets Dad saves boy before car plunges down cliff -- and gets pair of traffic tickets | Fox News
  16. sig_man

    Overnight stay in PA

    I will be traveling to PA for a business meeting in two months and will have an overnight stay. PA does not recognize my OH CCW and I do not think I will have my Utah CCW by then. If the handgun is kept in a lock case, unloaded and the ammo in another case (separate), will this be a problem. I...
  17. sig_man

    Transport through Illinois

    If I travel through Illinois, and have my firearm(s) unloaded in a locked hard sided case in my suitcase (zippered shut), and the ammo (magazines as well) in a separate range bag that is also zippered closed and each is stowed on opposite sides in the back of an SUV, this is legal carry. Now, if...
  18. sig_man

    Any good holsters for a Walther PPQ?

    Just broke down and got a new Walther PPQ to compliment my other carries. What a sweet gun, feels great in your hand, has three different sized backstraps, a short quick trigger and overall a great look and feel. The wife tried it and said it is now hers. Does anyone have any good...
  19. sig_man

    Sig P250 Holsters

    What are the best concealed carry holsters for the Sig P250C, both belt and ankle. The does not seem to be a big selection.