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  1. krazyk

    can I gat a chl with three charges but no convitions

    I was wondering if you have recently been charged with two class A misdemeanors and one 3rd degree felony but al charges were dismissed with out paying any fines or having the charges deferred, just plain dropped. can you still get a CHL???:confused::confused:(sorry for the miss spelling in the...
  2. krazyk


    I HAVE A NEW rG38 SPL :to_pick_ones_nose:any body know any thing about this gun?Where is it made? I would think Germany. How much dose it run? I looked it up but found vary little info on it . it's a heavy duty little gun.shot it yesterday with ease, found ammo for it and that was amazing they...
  3. krazyk

    Weird LEO encouter

    This is crazy I went to go to the store yesterday and just started the truck put the truck in gear and I start to take off when out from behind a car comes a guy and his dog so I stop and waited for the guy to get his dog. when he cleared the way I took of and herd him say to slow down ,when I...
  4. krazyk

    To carry or Not?

    I'm waiting on my chl and dont know weather i should carry or not. any advice would be great.What would you do?:redface:
  5. krazyk

    Protests bring down Iceland’s government

    :offtopic: I just read this and thought maybe we could do the same and run the Neo-con's out of office:dance3: The government of Iceland became the first to be driven out of office in this recession by a wave of popular protest this week. Weeks of demonstrations forced prime minister Geir...