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  1. MrRisto

    g36 Night Sights - HELP

    Looking to get night sights on my g36. Thought about Trijicon but then someone mention Tru Glow because they glow in the day and at night. Then there are options of all green or orange green red & green. Help Please as I can't afford every possible combination. I've done research and but I...
  2. MrRisto

    Any suggestions for a IWB Glock G 36 holster

    Traded my S&W Sigma for a Glock G 36. :pleasantry: Haven't shot it yet :cray: but I am enjoying the feel of the Glock and I like the fact that it's a 45 auto. I am looking to carry all the time and was thinking about the following holsters. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. C Tac...
  3. MrRisto

    Woman shoots intruder w/ audio

    Woman defends her home shoot intruder. Video - Breaking News Videos from
  4. MrRisto


    Got this from a local website, thought you would like. **** I sat, as did millions of Other Americans, and watched as the government Under went a peaceful transition Of power a few months ago. At first, I felt a swell Of pride and patriotism while Barack Obama took his Oath of office. However...
  5. MrRisto

    Best Personal Defense Load?

    What do you guys think is the best load for personal defense? I know there are tons of options if you can tell me caliber and brand I would greatly appreciate it.