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    Pennsylvania Renewal

    I just recieved my Pennsylvania Non-Res renewal permit. Centre County, $26, 20 days, good for 5 years and accepted in about 20 states for me. spc :)
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    The Ten MANLIEST Firearms

    A guy I know, instructor says "9mm is 45 set on stun". There was a thread titled 'Tales from the Morgue' on one of the sites that gave the full low down on what different calibers do in the body. This thread was led by a guy who did 6-10 autopsies a day, many of them gunshot victims. He...
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    Bug out bag

    Tacticle rifle packs Link Removed These packs could easily be set up as a BOB. spc:) Guess my attachment didn't show,,, her it is. htp://[/img]
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    Vegas Casino carry?

    Nevada now recognizes 8 states. I have just renewed my Nevada Non-Res permit and the Storey County folks said it would take a couple of months because of the FBI backround checks. My Utah will cover me until it arrives. BTW, the new Nevada Non-Res permit is good for 5 years. Link Removed...
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    Wish I had more time in the day!

    Great Site and sa Great job You are doing a great job and have provided a forum where we can work CCW on a state wide and national level. I have brought in a couple of friends from California and with your help set up a link to California's premiere CCW web site. Link Removed California...
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    Accepting other States

    Utah permit acceptance All Utah permit holders will be accepted as legal to carry in Nevada (yes non-res are good to go). I recieved this infornation from a very reliable source who talked to Utah officials directly. My source is a legal expert in the firearms field and instructs LEO through...
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    If you want to help with your state's info, read inside

    California Page I have started listing some of the Rules and Regulations for California state page. I have also given a link for a state CCW site @ Link Removed California Concealed Carry (CCW) Forum Hope this helps. spc
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    Penal codes that apply to CCW Issuance part1

    CALIFORNIA CODES PENAL CODE SECTION 12050-12054 12050. (a) (1) (A) The sheriff of a county, upon proof that the person applying is of good moral character, that good cause exists for the issuance, and that the person applying satisfies any one of the conditions specified in subparagraph (D) and...
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    Office of the Attorney General link

    Link Removed Bureau of Firearms - California Dept. of Justice - Office of the Attorney General spc
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    Requirements for a Ca. CCW

    California is a May Issue state. Issue is by county Issuing Authority is the County Sheriff or Police Chief of the area you reside. The link below will get a person started in the correct direction towards applying for a permit if they live in a county that issues. is a site...
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    Just heard about this new site

    I used to be a member of PDO several years ago and was referred by an old admin from that site. I just wanted to say Hi to everyone and hope this new CCW site helps keep all of us current on all of the information we need to carry properly and by the law whenever ands where ever we are legal...