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  1. XD40scinNC

    Leaving guns in vehicles.

    Too often we see news stories of "they stole my gun out of my car"... too often if you learn more you find the vehicle wasn't even locked. Listening to scanner today there was a bank robbery nearby. A witnesses got the tag number and vehicle description of the get away car. Turns out the car...
  2. XD40scinNC

    Conceal carry in SC, open carry in NC.

    NC is an open carry state, your SC carry permit is also valid in NC.
  3. XD40scinNC

    Felony For Anyone Owning A High Capacity Magazine

    Look at what happened after the warrant-less house to house searches at gunpoint where gubment thugs forced people into the streets at gunpoint to search their homes, and it was broadcast across the nation ....... yea, not a damn thing:mad: What was this even you ask? I hope you remember...
  4. XD40scinNC

    Security team at a church

    Which state? Do state laws allow carry in church? Would a trucking company be permitted to allow a person to drive a tractor trailer without a drivers license? Would a hospital be allowed a person to perform surgery if they were not qualified or trained to perform surgery?
  5. XD40scinNC

    People that don’t like concealed carry

    If you don't trust the accuracy of cops or private citizens that have trained to get their carry permit, it really sounds like your approach is to wait until the shooter runs out of ammo, or all his targets are dead, or his hand hurts too much to continue from shooting un-opposed. Post a big...
  6. XD40scinNC

    California Passes Ammo Permit Fee

    Liberals don't have a monopoly on being snowflakes.
  7. XD40scinNC

    Losing a CCW?

    That's very different than a console or glove box, or under the seat, where people frequently leave/store their guns. I have a gun lockbox cabled to the seat frame which I use if I must leave my gun in the car, such as when I teach, but never for overnight storage in the driveway.
  8. XD40scinNC

    CHP Renewal - Buncombe Co.

    Just picked up my CHP renewal from the sheriff's office. 103 days since renewal application.
  9. XD40scinNC

    National concealed carry reciprocity act of 2017

    Your anger is unfitting a person that claims to believe in god. Plus you are stuck on your stupid concept about atheists.
  10. XD40scinNC

    What do you do?

    Was the guy an actual threat?
  11. XD40scinNC

    What would you do?

    What? No James Bond ejection seat?
  12. XD40scinNC

    ****'s Sporting Goods

    1950's era TV censorship standards, the same time a married couple could not be in the same bed on TV. (Ozzie and Harriot). How far we have come!
  13. XD40scinNC

    National concealed carry reciprocity act of 2017

    Yet we have a showman and celebrity for a president.
  14. XD40scinNC

    National concealed carry reciprocity act of 2017

    I liked his take on Trump and Trump supporters also. :yes4:
  15. XD40scinNC

    Border guards found 52 tons of guns and ammunition in 14 Conex containers

    Gee Tex, what would make you suspicious of posts from Ops, without links. Oh wait, they were Greek border guards and this happened in 2015.... maybe? Or maybe that they were not headed to refugees in Europe (or the US) but being smuggled to Libya? Or that it was disguised as aid for refugee...
  16. XD40scinNC

    The NRA Betrays Us

    Wasn't so much a kick as a knee jerk. Must have hit a tender spot :rolleyes:
  17. XD40scinNC

    The NRA Betrays Us

    Link Removed
  18. XD40scinNC

    The NRA Betrays Us

    +1 Very similar experience. Guess you have to be a member once to find out what they are all about..... and it becomes apparent almost immediately...... money. Got URGENT notices in the mail to renew before my membership expired. Of course I had been a member only a few weeks and haven't...