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  1. CMS23

    Sig P226 .40 Won't Feed Hollow Points

    I have a p226 in .40 cal that will not feed hollow point ammo. I have tried remington, cor bon, and federal. It jams with all of them no matter which mag I'm using. It has no problem with fmj's. I like the feel of this gun and it is probably more accurate than any of my other auto's. I was...
  2. CMS23

    Holster suggestion for Ruger GP 100

    What is a quality holster for a Ruger GP 100. Prefer leather and owb, other than that I am pretty open.
  3. CMS23

    OWB holsters: K&D or Fist?

    I am looking for an OWB pancake style holster. The ones by K&D and Fist seem to be of good quality without needing a payment plan. I was wondering if anyone uses these. I will be carrying an M&P 40c.
  4. CMS23

    Night sights for Glock

    Are night sights worth the money to have a on a glock for CC use?
  5. CMS23

    Bianchi 105 minimalist holster

    I have been wanting a concealed holster for carrying a bersa thunder .380. The Bianchi 105 minimalist looks to be something that might work well. I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with this holster, or if someone knows of a similar holster that might be a good idea. I'm a very...
  6. CMS23

    Beretta PX 4 Storm

    Does anyone have any opions on the Beretta PX 4 storm? Or any other .40 cal Beretta for that matter. Are they pretty reliable, mainly are the reliable compared to Glock?