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  1. Compadre

    VA Hospital ... Legal to carry?

    Is legal to carry in a VA hospital? I'm taking my dad to one tomorrow and want to know what I should do. Thanks for any help you can offer.
  2. Compadre

    Looking for Hi-cap mags for G19

    I want to buy a Glock 19, but only if I can find some pre-ban high capacity magazines to go with it. Does anyone know of a place where I can get some of them? -Compadre
  3. Compadre

    Need help in Florida (The Villages)

    My aunt was recently widowed and would like to get her handgun permit for self defense. She is moving from New York to The Villages, Florida. Does anyone know of any clubs in that area where she can get some help walking her through the process and range time? I really appreciate any...
  4. Compadre

    Mag capacity?

    What is the law as it relates to magazine capacity? I thought we could have not more than a 10 rd. mag, but someone told me that the restriction is gone for us. What's the real story and where can I get that info in writing?:confused: Thanks for the help.