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  1. Rachkir

    Support HB-4325!

    Please, those of you who are residents of WV, support HB-4325! It allows all those who are legally able to posses a firearm to carry concealed, while still allowing a permit for reciprocity purposes (like Alaska). Details at: Link Removed v/r Rachkir
  2. Rachkir

    Non-resident permit application question...

    Okay, I figured out my questions for the CT permit... I will be mailing off my permit once I figure out how to complete the two fingerprint cards. Unlike Florida, they do not tell you exactly what to fill out. Can someone help me with what is required information on the fingerprint cards...
  3. Rachkir

    Maryland Concealed Carry Reciprocity!

    They dont have it yet, but please go the NRA website and e-mail the delegates. IF they pass this bill, it would mean PA, DE, and VA resident/non-resident permit holders (alas, not WV) to have reciprocity. Link Removed "5–117.1 A LICENSE ISSUED BY DELAWARE, PENNSYLVANIA, OR VIRGINIA TO AN...