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  1. RRGlock23

    Getting CHL

    I just moved in Texas from Arizona. I am looking for CHL class in Allen,TX. Thanks for helpfully!
  2. RRGlock23

    Registered Firearm

    Okay thanks for input information..Appreciatively!! BUT if a non-resident had a concealed carry permit from other state and is owned a gun, but he/she can locked on gun pad, or container case locked, and put it in the trunk. Therefore, she or he is not felony or misdemeanor when she or he visits CA.
  3. RRGlock23

    Hi Point Firearms (MKS) Sale

    Check out the web site they sale the handgun for $149.95 . Hi-Point Hand Guns (Pistols) Product ID: 6400 UPC: 752334091505 MFG ID: C9HC Hi Point 9 MM Compact Pistol, 916HC, Black Finish, Double Action, 3 Dot Adjustable Sights, Thumb Safety,Hard Case, 1 Magazine $149.95 Link Removed Link Removed
  4. RRGlock23

    Brewer faces Saturday deadline to act on gun permit bill

    Update: Brewer signs bill to allow concealed guns without permit Here is the UPDATE: It will effecting 90 days in around July or August. If the bill is passed. Read the story news here. Arizona will become 3rd sate as Vermont and Alaska, will allow concealed guns without permit. Link Removed...
  5. RRGlock23

    Brewer faces Saturday deadline to act on gun permit bill

    Link Removed Link Removed Reported by: Associated Press Last Update: 9:35 am Related Links * Arizona 1 step closer to passing new concealed gun law Link Removed Link Removed PHOENIX -- Gov. Jan Brewer is nearing the deadline to act on a bill that would make Arizona the third state to...
  6. RRGlock23

    Man arrested after discharging gun inside Walmart

    That's f'ed up, man! No playing with the firearm. I wish AZ needs to change back to old bill law for Arizonians must have license to carry concealed instead of "concealed carry without license". I assumed many young men are bragging to have open carry firearm like this. They could be discharged...
  7. RRGlock23

    Bills to OK carrying concealed guns without permits advance

    This State of Arizona is more likely as Vermot and Alaska. AZ residents do not required to get a carry concealed license. They must be age 21 and over, can carry concealed firearm without licensed. But I disagreed it because the main problem is the bad guys are HAPPY they can carry it and kill...
  8. RRGlock23

    Gun Registration in Mohave County, Arizona

    I just found the web site. What a gun registration ? :fie::angry: --- RRGlock23 EXTRA EXTRA! Nazi gun registration in Mohave County AZ? Ron Walker's New County Policies include providing serial numbers at gun check in.... Is the County violating state and federal laws? to check the whole story...
  9. RRGlock23

    oy, 12, wounded near Phoenix shooting range

    Boy, 12, wounded near Phoenix shooting range Mar. 13, 2010 01:05 PM A 12-year-old boy is being treated for a gunshot wound after he was accidentally shot near the Ben Avery Shooting Range in north Phoenix Saturday morning. Phoenix police say the boy was wounded in the arm and the torso. A...
  10. RRGlock23

    Update "No Firearm Sign"

    I am not a lawyer, and I just found a web site for you to look at it. may it helps more information for you. Link Removed
  11. RRGlock23

    Chandler man shot, killed in gun

    Chandler man shot, killed in gun mishap by Ofelia Madrid - Mar. 6, 2010 07:09 PM The Arizona Republic A 19-year-old Chandler man was shot dead Saturday after a gun he was looking at fired as it was being put away, police said. Mark Martinez went with a friend to Jose Sandoval's home in the...
  12. RRGlock23

    2 Pentagon police officers shot

    Link Removed Link Removed AP – Pentagon Police Chief Richard Keevill speaks with reporters about a shooting at the Pentagon in Washington, … By CHRISTINE SIMMONS and EILEEN SULLIVAN, Associated Press Writers Christine Simmons And Eileen Sullivan, Associated Press Writers – 12 mins ago...
  13. RRGlock23

    Update "No Firearm Sign"

    I went to the the Ono Hawaiian BBQ. I loved Hawaiian foods and I am from Hawaiian. There is a sign says no firearm on the wall near cashier counter. And the AMF Bowling Center there is outside sign says no firearm. Whoever comes to AZ for a vacation. Just want to let you know and don't OC and...
  14. RRGlock23

    I want to sell galco gun leather right side IWB glock 23, 19, and 32

    I bought the summer comfort gun leather from the Galco holsters; Holsters; Gun holster, pistol holsters, western holsters, shoulder holsters, leather holster and Glock holsters. The retail price is $71.95. I never wear and use the gun leather for 2 years. I want to sell it for $59.95 and plus...
  15. RRGlock23

    Gun Carry in National Parks in California

    NRA Appeals Ruling Blocking Concealed Carry in National Parks | National Parks Traveler Firearms in Forests and Parks - Link Removed
  16. RRGlock23

    Gun Carry in National Parks in California

    Guns are now permitted -- but not necessarily welcomed -- in national parks Link Removed Guns are now permitted -- but not necessarily welcomed -- in national parks As the controversial law takes effect Monday, critics argue it could increase wildlife poaching, violence between visitors and...
  17. RRGlock23

    S&W sigma

    check it out Link Removed Are you interested to buying from me, Smith Wesson Sigma SW9VE 9mm come with two extra magazine and TTleather IWB ? Let me know. We can do paper work through FFL, unless you are not felony posse firearm or not criminal.
  18. RRGlock23

    Open Carry States

    You need to check it out Link Removed
  19. RRGlock23

    Q & A: Do you really need Hollow Points & Do you need to Practice?

    YouTube - Q & A: Do you really need Hollow Points & Do you need to Practice?