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  1. Mountaingoat61

    This is why I carry

    LOL That's too funny. Can that dog draw and shoot? :)
  2. Mountaingoat61

    This is why I carry

    The other day, out of the blue, my 12 year old daughter said, "Knowing you carry a gun makes me feel safe." Isn't that what it's all about? :-)
  3. Mountaingoat61

    CZ Pistols

    I know this is like asking Which is better, Ford or Chevy but... What are people's opinions/experiences with CZ handguns? I was discussing guns via email with a friend and he told me how great they are, how they compare to other guns but are better in price, etc. I carry a S&W Sigma .40 (yeah...
  4. Mountaingoat61

    Questions about carrying in Nevada and California

    I live in North Idaho and have a Utah non-resident ccw. I know I'm ok going thru Montana and Utah but will be going to Vegas then on to LA (I'm gonna Disneyland!!). Here's what I understand the laws to be so if anyone knows for a fact to the contrary, please inform. NV: conceal is ok in the...
  5. Mountaingoat61

    Another BG taken down

    Another perfect example of why we carry. Link Removed
  6. Mountaingoat61

    Video, not sure what to think...

    This is a situation that I think we all have nightmares about. Innocent people very close to the action, anything could have gone wrong. Fortunately the only one shot was the BG who apparently survived and went to prison. I'm sure there can be a lot of discussion on whether the clerk acted...
  7. Mountaingoat61

    Just got my Utah non-resident permit

    Took 10 weeks and about 3 days.
  8. Mountaingoat61

    CCW in the mail... Now the reality sets in

    After waiting 10 weeks, I called Utah BCI today to check the status of my CCW. It has been issued and is in the mail. I got off the phone and the reality of it hit me. I am really going to be carrying a loaded firearm everywhere I go now. It took a whole new mentality just to buy a gun and...
  9. Mountaingoat61

    Shooting in the Barn

    So a friend, my 2 teenage kids, and I were target shooting in my barn last night, something I've done for over a month now with my .40 S&W and 22's without any problems. (We're on 5 acres but housing developments have popped up everywhere around us.) Well, last night we had my buddy's AR-15 .223...
  10. Mountaingoat61

    Help--CC Suggestions for a Big Guy

    Hey all, I've been on here a few weeks now and really enjoy and appreciate most of what I've seen. I've taken the class and applied for my Utah CC permit but I'm still debating on what type of conceal method to go with. I was already leaning toward right side IWB and that was also what my class...
  11. Mountaingoat61

    Dumb@$$ of the Week Award

    This is from news website. *** British grenade removed from truck parked at Coeur d'Alene post office 1-11-10 COEUR D'ALENE, ID -- Roads around the Coeur d'Alene Post Office near 6th and Lakeside are back open after a grenade was removed from a pickup truck. Authorities from...
  12. Mountaingoat61

    Build-my-own Firing Range help

    Hi all, I'm new to the group and think this is awesome. I live on a 5-acre property with a 44x84 pole barn that I want to set up a firing range in, mainly for handguns. This would be for personal use plus a few friends, not for general public use. I live outside city limits and am currently...