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  1. jcreek

    I'm tired of the argument against online concealed permit safety training!

    While I completely support what you say, it's a lot easier to say it sitting in the safety of a constitutional carry state. The vast majority of us are not so lucky.
  2. jcreek

    looking to get a 380 revolver

    The act that some people actually like that gun amazes me. If my wife wasn't so attached to it, I'd cut mine in half with an angle grinder, toss it in the trash and never look back.
  3. jcreek

    looking to get a 380 revolver

    If all you're concerned about is wheel gun practice why not just get a .22? The recoil between a .380 and a .38 is in no way comparable so since price seems to be a bigger determining factor for you, the .22 seems like a logical choice. I've seen more .22 in my area than .380.
  4. jcreek

    Mark Wahlberg got to love him.

    I found this gem floating around the interwebs a while back and thought it was worth sharing here. For anyone that is not familiar with what Stars Earn Stripes is, this should enlighten you: 'Stars Earn Stripes': It's Offensive, But At Least It's Boring : Monkey See : NPR Link Removed
  5. jcreek

    Back yard range creation

    If I understood the OP correctly, I don't believe he has any intentions of opening up a commercial range. The rules for operating a commercial range are not nearly the same as just setting up a safe place to shoot in your back yard. My in-laws have 7 acres just outside city limits. We shoot...
  6. jcreek

    So , what have you done to soup up your OC weapon?

    Lol as long as THAT'S not your carry weapon. Infinity's are custom race guns that usually come with sub-2lb triggers. I'm sure you know that though. I think a TiN FNX would look good.
  7. jcreek

    Gen 4 glock

    Is artillery classified as a "gun"? Because that's definitely a cannon. When he said 40mm I was thinking more of a M203
  8. jcreek

    No, THIS is why some people hate cops.

    Couldn't remember the exact facts of the story so I searched for it again. Turns out it was in New Mexico, not Arizona, however it was a different incident than the one you reference. The officer wasn't actually assigned there but was presenting there on career day. Trying to be a smartass...
  9. jcreek

    The quiet Zombie intergal 10/22.

    One thing..why the lime green? I hate that trend. Like Hornady putting green tips on their V-max, calling them "Z-Max" and marking up the price 20%. Looks like a nice rifle but I'd never buy it in that color.
  10. jcreek

    I decided to follow Joe Biden's advise today.

    Shut up! I haven't seen the AA12 in the news yet maybe they don't know about it! Keep it quiet lol.
  11. jcreek

    Road rage incident leads to deaths of 2 CPL holders....

    Wow. As a licensed pilot myself (albeit only private) this is scary. It's also scary that the UK has a threshold for alcohol consumption for commercial pilots. In the US the legal limit is 0 for any type of pilot. If fact, it's a federal crime to consume any alcohol within 8 hours of flight...
  12. jcreek

    Road rage incident leads to deaths of 2 CPL holders....

    Umm, where? It isn't mentioned in either of the statutes you posted. Try again hotshot.
  13. jcreek

    Positive development Both were successfully recalled. Time now to finish getting those laws overturned.
  14. jcreek

    Marijuana users fight harder than gun owners.

    True, but weapons crimes have harsher penalties than weed offenses. Harder to find people willing to put their neck on the line. Try to find people willing to stick their neck to get weed legalized in Indonesia were the penalty for possession of over an ounce is the death.
  15. jcreek

    magnum vs. regular primers

    I know this topic has come up before but I can't seem to find it. On my way to work the other night I stopped to pick up some SP primers. I was in a hurry and didn't realize until I got home the next morning that I had accidentally grabbed magnums. Right now I'm loading 9mm. I know people...
  16. jcreek

    Air guns for practice???

    I've heard that stated before. too and I don't believe it for a second. Even the most hardcore pro shooters can't manage to dry-fire over 2,700 times a day, without missing a day.
  17. jcreek

    Civilian sues law enforcement over very invasive/painful "Forced Catheterization"

    Mmm, not quite sweety. Patrol officer. And yet if sitting at a desk sleeping paid me twice as much as being a cop, I'd do that too.
  18. jcreek

    The trial of George Zimmerman

    I'm sure Holder was all over that before the NAACP chimed in anyways.
  19. jcreek

    Court strikes down ban on USPS parking lot carry.

    Saw this on FB earlier and didn't see it on here yet. Score one for the good guys.
  20. jcreek

    Best OC encounter yet..

    Walked in to 7/11, go to the soda fountain, college age clerk, stoned out of his mind, looks over and goes "Whoa duuude, you're not gonna rob us are you?" Meanwhile his manager looks over to him and goes "Shut the hell up moron" then comes over and shakes my hand. Cracked me up.