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  1. PaxMentis

    911 Home Invasion Tape

    That is a completely different incident...listen to the call being discussed...the one at the link in the original post of the correct incident and you will hear what others do: Link Removed
  2. PaxMentis

    Vets in Oregon...

    Just a little info that I have found that many who are eligible don't know. If you are an Oregon resident and a vet with a service connected disability, Oregon State Parks will give you 10 days per month (5 days max per stay) of a camp or RV site free. You only need to send in proof of the S/C...
  3. PaxMentis

    Firearms training for beginners

    To actually reply to your question as opposed to giving gratuitous advice, there are a few websirtes I would recommend. The first (and, IMO best) is actually aimed primarily at women, but I have used it before for people who had little or no experience and want to start with the...
  4. PaxMentis

    CCW licenses and badges, pictures?

    Link Removed :pleasantry:
  5. PaxMentis

    Tampa Fox 13 News - Open carry movement comes to Florida

    The 2 contradictory portions of the article that I highlighted make me wonder if these people read what they write...
  6. PaxMentis

    Crossbreed SuperTuck Deluxe

    My wife says she got the last one from Hanks... Link Removed...But I have seen them at Lehman's and on eBay also.