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  1. Bob

    "Just Print The Gun Now"

    New York Times October 8, 2012 Business Day section By: Nick Bilton [email protected] It has long been possible to make a gun at home. But what happens when it no longer takes knowledge and skill to build one? It won’t be long before a felon, unable to buy a gun legally, can print one at...
  2. Bob

    Concealed Carry?

    Concealed carry taken to a new low! Cops Believe North Carolina Inmate Hid 10-Inch Revolver In His Rectum. Luckily, It Was Unloaded. | The Smoking Gun I call this a B.U.T.T Permit; Bullets Up The Tail. Later.
  3. Bob

    Fl CWP and SC CWP

    I currently have two residences, one in Florida and one in Myrtle Beach South Carolina. I know that FL and SC have reciprocity agreements but I'd like to have a CWP from both States. My CWP from Florida is current so my question is can I get a SC CWP without giving up my FL CWP and have both...
  4. Bob

    That was Quick

    tattedupboy suggested this subject and Luke with "a cat like reflect" made it available. What do we 'type' about here tattedupboy? By the way, Thank you for being an active poster to this forum tattedupboy! Best wishes all!