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    Help State Senator Tom Libous Fight the Anti-Gun Bills!

    Just incase you don't get the update emails from NRA-ILA, this has been a huge ongoing issue and every little bit of support we can get helps. See below and please sign his petition. The Dems have the Senate but it's only 32-30 so we don't need to swing too many votes to vote these bills down...
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    Onondaga County waiting period?

    Hey all, I'm currently waiting for my pistol permit to be approved, turned it in about 2.5 weeks ago, hopefully only another 6-7 more to go but I was wonder what happens when I actually do get my permit? I will be buying a Glock 19 as soon as I have my permit but how does the process go? Do I...
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    3 month wait to apply?!

    First, I'm in Onondaga County. I called today to make an appointment to turn in my pistol permit application and the next appointment they had was middle of March! Has anyone else recently made an appointment?? Is there anything I can do to get an earlier appointment? The 6 month wait after...