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    LEO Training, Something Went Wrong

    Haven't read the story yet, but I dug up the link: Link Removed
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    Sheriff's dept. spied on Supervisors

    Dunno about the spy thing, but she won the election in June 2010. On top of that, she's not about to win any support from anyone here on CCW issues: “If you want more guns and CCWs (concealed weapon permits), then you should vote for one of my opponents,” Hutchens said... Source: Link Removed
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    Store/Range/Instruction Suggestions

    I would suggest the Puyallup Gun Show if you're there during that time(May 14-15), but there's no way to guarantee nice treatment like a newbie at a big show like that. Besides, you'd have to hunt for the gun. That may appeal to some folks, but not everyone wants to walk around for hours to find...
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    CCW shooting info request

    Being deaf does not mean you're stupid or incapable of assessing a dangerous situation. We need more information before any judgment can be made about the scenario described by the OP. Speaking of... I only found two cases where deaf people used guns to shoot at people. Only in one case was...
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    CCW and People with Disabilities

    As someone who is half deaf, it's definitely a concern. Somewhat related news up in Seattle: Link Removed
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    Officers Shot, Killed 31-Year-Old, Accidentally Shot 2-Year-Old Boy

    Tons of articles and information available at the following link: Link Removed "Cooper said Daniel has taken a turn for the better. She said he has just started opening his eyes, and she thinks he's able to recognize her. Cooper said her son is in and out of sleep and still breathing with the...
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    Plain cloths LEO lucky he didn't get shot by motorcyclist

    They always use the line "If you have nothing to hide" when they want to record us, but look at the stink some of them put up when they get recorded on tape. They even threaten people with jail time and criminal charges, which is what I'd call abuse under color of law. Don't get me wrong, it's...
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    Buzz and Bullets: Gun Fans Cheer Starbucks

    Starbucks has been in the spotlight for well over a week with heavy pressure from anti-gun groups. They've had tons of media exposure and still they did not cave after today's demonstration. They're asking both sides to stop making it an issue. Seems to me that they have a policy and they're...
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    Fully automatic Submachineguns should be reinstated in America

    MightyPirate, I'm saddened by the level of respect shown towards women here. The blaming of the victim of murder or domestic assault for having chosen to wait 10 years before getting out of a relationship makes the 5 day waiting period OK? You yourself said, "It may not be 100% effective but if...
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    4 police officers ambushed in Tacoma/Lakewood coffe shop

    Indeed, if they've got the drop on you, you're toast. The same story on KOMO has a lot of conversation below the story. Of the gun related comments, 98% are in support of gun ownership and those who are anti-gun are hit with big negative ratings on their comments. Link Removed
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    Arrested...charges dismissed later

    I've only been pulled over once after getting my CPL. It was New Years Eve and I just KNEW there would be cops everywhere. I must have driven past 20 cops or more that night. I wasn't carrying anything at the time and I always abstain from drinking if I'm going to drive. However, one county...