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    Positive encounter with police at bank today

    For some time now, the bank my church does business with has been having one of our local LEO on special duty at random times. They are in their uniform, but I assume they are working in the capacity of private security. I haven't asked. I almost exclusively open carry, but have never had one of...
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    Woman shoots intruder

    Sorry if this has been posted,I didn't see it anywhere. Gwinnett Police have released a recording of the 911 call made by a Duluth woman after she shot the knife-wielding intruder who attacked her at home last Wednesday (May 11). Her assailant, identified by police as Israel Perez Puentes, 34...
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    What might have happened?

    I don't know how national this went so I'll give some background info. We recently had a tragic incident in a town about 20 minutes from where I live. A young woman was kidnapped and murdered by her estranged husband and his parents because of a custody dispute. She was found dumped in a church...
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    Why I open carry

    Let me first say that even though I almost exclusively open carry, if you choose to remain concealed, great, I'm just glad you carry. But I see comments on here (and on that make me feel the need for this post. I have seen comments that open carry sets us back in the gun...
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    First time OC today

    I OC'd today for the first time. I have had my permit for a few months now, but always conceal. I took my boys to the barber shop with me today and decided I would oc if it felt right when we got there. This is a man's barber shop if you know what I mean. Animal and fish mounts on the walls, no...