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    Downloadable Gun' Era Officially Begins Aug. 1

    I'm familiar with zip guns, as well as the serious danger they posed to users. "Pipe" isn't case-hardened steel, so it's not anywhere near strong enough for smokeless powder round without some very serious modification. It might withstand one round, perhaps even a dozen, but it's already into...
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    What caliber fire arm do you open carry,and why?

    As for ammunition... Winchester Defender: S9MMPDB1 - 9mm Luger 147 gr Defender. It packs 326 foot-pounds of energy at the muzzle, and 297 at 50 yards. It's a steel receiver, barrel, and slide, so it's a fairly solid pistol, affording me the ability to double-tap in nearly the same location...
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    Losing a CCW?

    Indeed. As for me, the only time I do not carry in my car is when I cannot carry at one or more of my destinations, including the courthouse (jury duty) and on a military base. On those trips, it's straight to and from the destination with no side trips or stops. I never leave my firearm in...
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    Personality vs Attitude

    I was going to put this in off-topic, but it appears that section has been closed. It very much relates to Military and Veterans, however, in that anyone who has been in combat has a lot of issues with which they must deal in order to come out of it on the other side as a relatively healthy...
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    CO H.B. 18-1436: Extreme Risk Protection Orders

    HB18-1436, entitled, Extreme Risk Protection Orders, "Concerning creation of an extreme risk protection order," is one of the most dangerous and destructive bills I've seen pass through the Colorado legislative process in a long, long time. Introduced by Representatives Alec Garnett and Cole...
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    Kait's Unsafe Space - Gotta love this gal!

    Facebook: The Sentinel: Link Removed Liberty Hangout: Link Removed Yes, she open carried her AR-10 onto the campus of Kent State University for post-graduation pictures. Priceless! Naturally, those oh, so-rational liberals have responded by...
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    Veterans/Military "sign in" honor list

    Power is nowhere near as intoxicating as you might have been lead to believe it is. I have on a number of occasions "seized power" in order to ensure a job gets done right, only to step down voluntarily and of my own free will and volition, even my initiation, when someone better comes along...
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    The venerable 9mm is lethal out to at LEAST 440 yards

    This video demonstrates that your standard 9mm round remains deadly out to at least 440 yards (quarter mile), "Certainly further than you can aim it." Even at 440 yards, the 9mm penetrated 3/4" plywood and the 2x4 post holding it, as well as at least 9" of ballistics gel. Good things to keep...
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    I can't decide on which gun I want

    I've seen various discussions on caliber bantered around message forums since the dial-up BBS days in the mid-1980s. The most heated variety involves .45 ACP vs 9 mm. I'll pitch my two cents if this thread takes off, but in the meantime, one of the other forum members posted a great link:
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    You're Favorite Pocket Gun

    Too all of the narrow-minded "...end of debate"ers... Horsehockey. Look at the title of the thread: "Your Favorite Pocket Gun" Here's mine: Link Removed As for the caliber vs killing debate, I'm sure there's another thread here on that topic.
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    Great Explanation: Why Blowback Semi-Automatics Are More Accurate Than Locked Breech

    This gentleman does an outstanding job of both explaining and showing why the play between the barrel, slide, and receiver cause a decrease in accuracy over the one-piece blowback design. I've had extensive experience firing both designs. In fact, in 1994, I challenged a friend who owned a...
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    Alton Sterling Shooting

    This doesn't look right to me. The video doesn't show the last two seconds prior to the officer firing his gun. However, if it was more of the same struggle, I can't imagine drawing on a suspect who's face on the ground with two LEOs on top of him being legit.
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    Shooting Glasses

    You can use sunglasses designed to be used over glasses. They're cheap (<$25), come in the same very wide variety of yellow, orange, brown, gray blue, polarized, and other lenses, are usually made of protective polycarbonate, and keep stray rays from the sides and top from adding glare. Link...
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    Magazine Springs, Common Sense, and a Good Bit of Science and Engineering

    Rather than resuscitating one of the three many-years-old threads mentioned in yesterday's article on "Magazine Management," I am instead creating a new thread, as I would like to introduce some basic engineering fundamentals of springs up front, so that the discussion at least begins on a...
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    Looking for a decent pistol safe.

    Shortly after I retired in 2009, I found a two-key or key+keypad Winchester gun safe on sale at Walmart for $35. These days, you can find similar ones for around $50. Even though it has a keypad, I wouldn't call it "quick access." When I'm gone, my firearm is either with me (usually) or in...