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    propose NM CCW statute changes

    AussieRogue - Are you refering to a non-US citizen, or to an out-of-state citizen? And off the top of my head, I don't have the answer to either question, but will try to find it. I'm assuming you are refering to a non- US citizen. One direct avenue for you to check out, is go to the NM Dept. of...
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    Wash. State CPL history

    Not anything of great import, but does anyone out there know when the state of Washington first issued concealed pistol licenses? I have tried to find some history on the matter, but nothing so far. Everyone uses Florida as the first CCW licenses - October of 1987. I have forgotten when I got my...
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    Fox News and the Swiss Miniature Revolver

    Watching Fox News this morning (and I hope some on this site also saw it), I couldn't help but send them a sarcastic email about their reporting of the Swiss miniature revolver that is almost too small to hold in two fingers. "Lethal", "Deadly", and a general panic mode that this "easily...
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    propose NM CCW statute changes

    New Mexico has made some welcome advances in the CCW statutes. Now we need to make apparent to our senators & representatives what we feel are necessary and reasonable changes to the existing statutes. The next legislative session where we can expect any changes, will be January of 2009, as 2008...