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    Business Ethics Questionaire Requirement - No guns condition of employment

    An interesting condundrum: I work for a very large multi-national company (to remain nameless for now) that requires all employees to sign a "Business Ethics Questionaire" annually. Not signing is grounds for termination. They use a back-door way to get around the fact that many states (like...
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    non-resident/non-landowner permit?

    I see that S.C. shall issue CCW permits to non-resident land-owners, but there is no mention of whether or not they will issue to non-resident/non-landowners. Looks like my work may be taking me to some pretty rural areas of S.C. in the near future. I have a CCW permit for New Hampshire, but...
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    Maine Concealed Carry Laws

    I've been looking into getting a non-resident permit in Maine as I travel there a lot. They don't have reciprocity with many other states, not even New Hampshire next door where I have a permit. The Maine State Police Website is very helpful and has a down-loadable application: Link Removed...
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    Non-Resident Permit Timeframes

    Hi, I joined this site a couple of months ago. At the time I was looking in to non-resident permits since I am a Vermonter and I travel a lot (we don't need permits here, but consequently, no other states recognize our right to carry). I just received my New Hampshire non-resident permit. It...