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    Judge William Boller Erie County NY

    Anyone have any info on this guy? He appears to be an extreme anti-gun liberal. Is he appointed or elected? Thanks.
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    How to SELL a pistol in NY?

    I bought a pistol and found something else I like better. How do I go about selling it? Can I list it on gunbroker? What do I do once I transfer it to get it removed from my permit? Can someone talk me through this? Any help appreciated. Thanks.
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    Utah Non-resident Course in WNY?

    Can anyone suggest a place that gives the Utah non-resident pistol permit course in Western NY state? Erie, Cattaragus or Niagara counties? Thanks
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    Gun Dealer Won't Ship to NY State

    I found a great deal on a single action revolvor for deer hunting at CDNN Sports. I had my FFL guy FAX the details and then I called to order it. CDNN Sports will not ship any handgun to NY State. Company policy. He says it has to do with the lawsuits filed in the past, the Mayor Bloomberg...
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    ERIE COUNTY: Anyone get a permit yet in 2010?

    Has anyone actually recieved their pistol permit in the year 2010? If so,what was the total time since you turned in all your paper work? Also, how long did it take from the day you purchased your pistol until you actually got the permit in the mail? Mine was approved in 2009 and I have yet...
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    Which permit? Utah or Florida?

    Once I get my NY permit, I'd like to get a concealed carry permit that is recognized by multiple states. I like to travel and hunt and I'd like to take my pistol with me. Can anyone give me the pros and cons of getting a Florida vs a Utah permit? Which one would you suggest? Thanks.
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    Erie County......still waiting.

    I got my permit letter and bought my pistol. Went down and got my photo taken and thumb print, gave them the reciept for the pistol, etc. That was almost NINE weeks ago. Still no permit. It will be one year next month since I turned in my application at the pistol permit office. This is...