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  1. abock33

    Open Carry picnic in Lexington on Saturday Aug 29th

    Cancelled Like it says there's an OC picnic in Lex this sat. I'm going to try and make it. Anyone else? CANCELLED
  2. abock33

    Positive First LEO experience

    So I had my first LEO experience on my way to work today. I got pulled over for doing 71 in a 55. My fault, but where it was it really wasn't. For those familiar with the Cincinnati/ Sharronvile area you'll know exactly what I'm talking about. I live in NKY and commute to Sharronville every...
  3. abock33

    Any News on the Resturant Carry Bill?

    Has it been passed? I know it was supposed to take effect June first but got vetoed. Has it been over ruled yet and if so when will it take effect? We're headed down to Deals Gap for the weekend and I wanted to know if it's legal to carry yet?
  4. abock33

    Woman told American flag offensive

    Latest Press Release. Link Removed
  5. abock33

    A budget cure: Marijuana taxes?

    Got this fron A budget cure: Marijuana taxes? What are your thoughts, opinions...
  6. abock33

    Concealed carry backpack- HELP ME FIND ONE!

    Found this on Blackhawk's website Link Removed There's more picks if you click the link. Link RemovedLink RemovedLink Removed
  7. abock33

    Under Desk Holster

    looks like a universal mount Sure Set Holster Mounts Self Defense System This is a Fobus Link Removed Held by velcro Under Desk Dash Holster RUGER P85 89 90 91 95 94 : Holsters / Gun Leather at This is a safe Link Removed there is always the option of buying kydex sheets and...
  8. abock33

    Concealed carry backpack- HELP ME FIND ONE!

    Camelback makes a bag that is like a school bag and on the bottom of the bag is a small pouch for a pistol. I'll have to find a website so you can see it. But its a red bag. They might have different colors too. Its called the Camelback Demon They changed the design. theres another that is...
  9. abock33

    Going to Nashville In July

    I think that the wife and I will be taking a motorcycle trip to Nashville for the 4th of July. What are the rules about Resturantes and anything else I might need to know.
  10. abock33

    Denzel Washington & Brooks Army Medical Center

    Got This as an email. Denzel Washington, and Brooks Army Medical Center Don't know whether you heard about this but Denzel Washington and his family visited the troops at Brooks Army Medical Center, in San Antonio, Texas (BAMC) the other day. This is where soldiers who have...
  11. abock33

    Cleaning a drum for water.

    I have the opportunity to get a 275gal container from my work. I would like to use it to store water. Right now it it being used to store antifreeze. Would you use it and how would you clean it out?
  12. abock33

    a "New" way to be "FOUND"

    Is it the same style chip as the one in the pasport? If so I'll be getting one of these. Blocks the RFID from being scanned. Link Removed
  13. abock33

    Gun Safe For A Drawer

    I have one from the same company but mine had a 3 dial lock I like it cause I can keep it in my nightstand. I usually just keep my glock on top of my nightstand and put it in the safe when kids are over at night. We don''t have kids but my wife's little brother likes to come over and spend the...
  14. abock33

    USA Carry Members Who's Who On Myspace

    Link Removed
  15. abock33

    Bill Goodman's Show???

    So the Bill Goodman show is this weekend at the Sharonville Convention Center. What's the status of CCW at the show. This is my first time to the show and I'm not clear on the law.
  16. abock33

    Have you ever shot Gangsta style?

    All The Time that's why I installed these. Link Removed Link Removed
  17. abock33

    Bolt On Free Float tube for AR-15

    I came across this in a magazine and I was wondering if anyone has one? Daniel Defense, Inc | Browse | Omega Rail | Omega Rail™ 7.0 (Carbine) It's a bolt on free float tube that requires NO gunsmithing.
  18. abock33

    New shotgun for defense and 3-gun shooting

    I got the ok from the wife and I'm going to get a new shotgun. I am looking to get something versatile. I don't want to spend too much on it though. I'm looking at getting a Mossberg 590 for the capacity, but I would rather have a semi-auto. What are your thoughts? If you were to get a new...
  19. abock33

    Bad time at the Arch in St. Louis Non ccw

    I apologize for the length. So last weekend for the holiday my Mom, Dad, the Wife and I road to St. Louis for the Holiday. Nice ride on the motorcycles except for Illinois. We tried to get up in the arch on the fourth and got hassled by the park rangers. We stayed at the Hilton in...
  20. abock33

    somthing on My leather IWB

    I noticet somthing that looks like mold on my galco summer comfort IWB holster yesterday. Is that normal? is there a way to get it off and keep it from comming back? I didn't notice it before, but I don't know how long it's been like that any help would be appreciated.