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    RECOIL magazine...

    RECOIL magazine It is billed as a "gun lifestyle" type magazine and is kinda like a mix of Wired magazine + Maxim magazine but with guns. It is made by non-gun people (mostly car people), wanting to cash in on the "tactical" firearms industry, that like guns because they are cool due to their...
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    Ronald Reagan Quote

    Must be why he signed the ban on the open carry of loaded firearms in public into law when he was Governor of California.
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    Small safe for hadgun.

    firearm lock box talk from a hacker convention I meant to post this earlier (like last year), but kept forgetting. :p The following video, is a talk from Link Removed 19, which took place last year in Las Vegas. Pretty good review with videos (how easy to break into) of gun locks, firearm...
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    NV assault weapon ban agenda

    Heads up... The NV legislature's Advisory Commission on the Administration of Justice will be meeting on 08-28-2012. Part of the agenda for that meeting will be discussion on whether or not to implement a state level "assault weapon" ban. Information will only be presented by NV law...
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    Say no to sb 249

    Riverside County Sheriff Stan Sniff's letter to the CA legislature concerning SB249. Link Removed Link Removed Link Removed
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    A message from the Bastiat Institute...

    Link Removed great quote + hot blonde with a SCAR & a Glock = win. :yes4:
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    Say no to sb 249

    Link Removed
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    Denny's Restaurant "Greatness" TV commercial... Pro-2A?

    Denny's Restaurant "Greatness" TV commercial... "Kids, do you know what it is that makes this country great?" ... "It's our right to bear arms."
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    More Gen4 Glocks released

    Glock recently released more Gen4 Glock models... 10x25mm 20Gen4 10x25mm 29Gen4 .45ACP 30Gen4 .45GAP 38Gen4 Supply is currently limited, since only a few LE distributors have gotten the new Gen4s.
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    US Army's Individual Carbine Competition

    Every 10 years or so, the US Military issues forth a competition to determine a possible replacement for a current issue small arms weapon system. The US Army's Individual Carbine Competition is a competition to determine a possible replacement for the M-4 Carbine weapon system. If the winner...
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    Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Alpha

    Ubisoft (video game developer) recently released Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Alpha. Which is a live action short film (24min) based on the Ghost Recon: Future Solider video game that is being released on 05-22-2012. They made this film to promote the video game. The acting, action and special...
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    BATFE approved NICS exemption for NV CFP holders*

    Info was released on 08-30-2011. On 07-01-2011, NV AB282 became law. One of the things that AB282 did was change NV CCW laws so that NV CFP holders could qualify for the NICS exemption to firearm transfers from FFL dealers. On 08-26-2011, BATFE approved the changes and started notifying NV FFL...
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    Hawaii CCW lawsuit filed!

    Two days ago, the Hawaii Defense Foundation filed a lawsuit aganist Honolulu Chief of Police Louis Kealoha, the Honolulu Police Department, the City and County of Honolulu, the State of Hawaii, and Governor Neil Abercrombie in connection with civil rights violations of the Second and Fourteenth...
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    Citadel Gun & Safe

    Last year... Citadel Gun & Safe lost their FFL due to conducting illegal firearm transactions (selling to prohibited persons). They continue to be in business by selling safes, firearm accessories, ammunition and surplus items. Yesterday... The USAF OSI (Office of Special Investigations)...
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    Nevada reprocity with AZ?

    Link Removed It's official. Effective 07-01-2011, NV will honor the AZ & KY CCW permits.
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    CA DOJ BOF = bullet button magazine lock is legal.

    The Calguns Foundation had been working on a case (Haynie v Pleasanton) for a year, which had been kept low-profile, and was recently decided upon. The case was about an arrest over an "assault weapon" (the plantiff was arrested with a bullet button configured AR15 type rifle). End result...
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    AB143 = law

    On 05-31-2011, AB143 was signed into law and goes into effect on 10-01-2011. AB143 changes an aspect of NV CCW laws. AB143 changes semi-auto pistols into a category. So, qualify with one semi-auto pistol and you can carry any semi-auto pistol. The changes goes into effect on 10-01-2011...
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    Bushmaster ACR recall!

    Bushmaster is recalling all ACR rifles due to a design flaw that causes it to malfunction. Bushmaster recommends to no longer use the rifle and immediately ship it back to Bushmaster. Link Removed
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    Sykes v McGinness

    CA CCW lawsuits For those that do not know. Link Removed It was filed last year and was put on hold until the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals made a final decision on Nordyke v King. The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals put a hold on deciding Nordyke v King, until SCOTUS decided on McDonald v...
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    State LE agency sidearms

    I'm trying to update a list, that was posted back in 2005. So, if anyone has any corrections, please post them up. Thanks. :) State Police/Highway Patrol = sidearm (caliber) AL = Glock 22 (.40S&W) AK = Glock 22 (.40S&W) AZ = SIG P229 (.40S&W) AR = Glock 21 (.45ACP) CA = S&W Model 4006TSW...