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  1. fdegree

    Conceal Carry Options...Glock 19, Walther PPS or Kel Tec

    I'm considering a second conceal carry gun to have on hand, and I have reduced my desires down to the following: Glock 19 Walther PPS 9mm Kel Tec PF9 Kel Tec P11 I realize this is a personal choice with a number of variables, so there is no way anyone can say for certain which is best for me...
  2. fdegree

    ...And The Government Thinks They Can Run Health Care

    Look at how our veterans are being treated...OUR VETERANS, who have given and sacrificed so much. How many think our treatment will be any better if the government starts controlling our health care? Click the links for the whole story Wounded Veterans' New Fight: The VA Quote: "Former Army...
  3. fdegree

    Dumb, Dumber And Dumbest

    Forgive me if this has been posted before...I just found it for myself. There is more than what I'm quoting read the article if you like what 's quoted Quote from this article: "It is dumb to suppose that the way to decrease crime is to make sure all potential victims of violent...
  4. fdegree

    Looking For An Adjustable Target Stand

    I'm hoping someone can help me. I am looking for a target stand that meets the following criteria: portable light weight easy set-up easy break down adjustable overall height no backer board...I'm too cheap to keep replacing it uses clips to hold paper targets adjustable clips (height and...
  5. fdegree

    Range Report - Taurus PT111 Millennium Pro

    Range Report - Taurus PT111 Millennium Pro I don’t know if this is important to anyone, but I thought I would share my recent experience with this gun. Here is a list of what I fired: 200 rounds…Winchester 115 gr. FMJ 50 rounds…American Eagle 124 gr. FMJ 25 rounds…Federal Premium Law...
  6. fdegree

    Opinions...Taurus Millennium PT111 Pro - 9mm

    WOW...that's a great price. Usually, they run anywhere from $450 - $550, from what I've seen. Do you know what generation it is? According my research, Taurus has made 3 generations of this gun. The lower price makes me think it may be an older generation. I've heard the older generations...
  7. fdegree

    Gun Laws In Other Countries???

    What countries have less stringent gun laws than the US? What are their violent crime rates?
  8. fdegree

    Recoil Spring Strength

    Since my wife is having trouble pulling the slide back, and locking it open, I started looking for the recoil spring strength. Perhaps I don't know what I'm looking for, or maybe the manufacturers to publish information. Anyway, this leads me to my question: How can you find out what the recoil...
  9. fdegree

    Web Site On Handgun Cleaning

    I have been researching how to properly clean my gun, and this is the most complete information that I have found thus far: Link Removed Is there anything wrong with this information? Is there anything more I should be doing?
  10. fdegree

    Considerations For Conceal Carry Location?

    I bought a Link Removed specifically for conceal carry. It is relatively thin (1.25"), very light (16 oz.), fairly short barrel (3.25") and fits my hand well. It seems like it will conceal easily.
  11. fdegree

    Considerations For Conceal Carry Location?

    I am trying to figure out the best location, on my body, to carry my pistol. I realize this is very subjective, and what works for you may not work for me. I also realize that I will have to try various options to find what works best for me. But, I suspect there are advantages and disadvantages...
  12. fdegree

    Home 9mm Pistol For Wife?

    I am looking for a 9mm pistol for my wife to keep at home (this particular pistol will not be OC nor CC). I realize this is rather subjective and she needs to "try them on for size". But, I am looking for suggestions to help her get started. Thanks!!!
  13. fdegree

    Taurus Millennium PT111 Pro - 9mm

    Thanks for all the responses. Here is a link to the exact model I have, if it helps: Link Removed It is definitely DA/SA. The web site for this model indicates DA/SA, the owners manual indicates DA/SA and the trigger pull definitely indicates that it is DA/SA. But, so far, it seems it is only...
  14. fdegree

    Taurus Millennium PT111 Pro - 9mm

    I am extremely new to guns, especially hand guns, so my observations and terminology may need a lot of work. Anyway, I recently bought the Taurus Millennium PT111 Pro - 9mm. It is DA/SA, but it appears to me the only time it will act as DA is when there is a misfire. Every time the slide...
  15. fdegree

    Biometric Technology For Gun Safes

    Anyone have personal, long-term experience with biometric technology? If heard good and bad about this, and I'm wondering how reliable it is for a gun safe when emergency access is required.
  16. fdegree

    Gun Safe For A Drawer

    I have narrowed my options down to about 3...this is one of them. Some of the others that I've seen, and like, are a little too big to fit my drawer. Thanks!!!
  17. fdegree

    Gun Safe For A Drawer

    With the recent purchase of my first handgun, I am wanting to secure it from my daughter when I'm not carrying it. So, I have been thinking I could place a gun vault in my nightstand drawer. Mostly because it would be the quickest and easiest to access in an emergency situation. I'm thinking...
  18. fdegree

    I received my Crossbreed Supertuck Deluxe

    I just looked at the crossbreed web site and noticed that they have changed their clips because of the breakage issue. The detailed photo looks like they are made of metal now...not sure if I am seeing that correctly though. Link Removed Link Removed One Question Do the fasteners, that go...
  19. fdegree

    How To Get Utah Non-resident Permit

    I have my Delaware CCW permit. After checking out reciprocity information on the internet, it seems that Utah will offer the most state coverage than any other single state. It appears that Utah will cover all the states that Florida covers, as well as all the states that Pennsylvania covers...
  20. fdegree

    Educating Children

    With the recent post by Lukem about the Eddie Eagle Program in schools, I'd like to ask a question that takes this a step further. The Eddie Eagle program teaches what to do if a child finds a gun...wonderful information, and I may just purchase the video for my 7 year old daughter to watch...