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  1. 6shootercarry

    What Kind Of AR Do You Have? Any Mods? Post Pics!

    Both of my Colt carbines... Sporter and A2 Gov't Carbine... Link Removed The M&P15-22 for cheap shooting and practice.. Link Removed
  2. 6shootercarry

    Looking to buy a shotgun. Thoughts?

    Link RemovedI have to vote Rem 870. Barrels and accessories abound for them. Prices are reasonable and if you decide to add a pistol grip type stock, the safety is easily manipulated with the hand in the firing position.. They are simple to clean and maintain and they go bang when it counts. If...
  3. 6shootercarry

    AR manufacturer of choice

    Darn old link... Try this one... Link Removed
  4. 6shootercarry

    AR manufacturer of choice

    Windham Weaponry Online - For a great rifle with features, New to the game, affordable... It's the engineers, VP and others from Bushmaster... BCM® Rifle Company Link Removed And here is why... Link Removed Buying a POS for...
  5. 6shootercarry

    Looking to buy a shotgun for Home Defense. Any Suggestions??

    Link Removed Simple and effective... Remington 870... Save the cash for ammo and training for practical shotgun technique...
  6. 6shootercarry

    Thoughts on a "Bug-Out" Carbine

    Link Removed Carry plenty of ammo in a good chest rig...
  7. 6shootercarry

    FNP 45 or HK 45

    Link Removed Check out the review of the FNP45 Competition... Page 48... Sweet..
  8. 6shootercarry

    $1000 reward turn your neighbor in !

    Hummm, Sounds like a case of ridiculous, unnecessary, unconstitutional, and downright dumb legislation.. I wonder how that could have happened? Lets see... for comparison.. Link Removed "The applicant for a handgun license must: 1. Be of "good moral character." Who the heck in NYC, would be...
  9. 6shootercarry

    ~ANOTHER tourist busted for guns in New York~

    You could read them all and the outcome of the trial will be different depending on the judge presiding... I'm a gun owner, so I have to stand trial in NYC tried by a jury of my peers. How many of the jurors in NYC will be gun owners? Peers my arse... Avoid it... Why give them any revenue?
  10. 6shootercarry

    Ccw badge holder night-ops

    "I don't always s_hit at work, but when I do I prefer the handicap stall"... Link Removed
  11. 6shootercarry

    Hornady Critical Defense ammo vs. Golden Sabre??

    The Winchester PDX1 bonded projectiles were designed to pass barrier penetration testing. They have a thicker jacket at the tip and into the hollow point cavity. They are bonded (jacket and lead core) to remain intact and resist fragmentation. The same petal design as the Black Talon (which is...
  12. 6shootercarry

    S&W M&P for concealed carry?

    Have both the M&P45 and M&P40c Carry both. IWB with the CrossBreed SuperTuck... Or OWB in the cool to cold months... No issues with 'em at all... Love 'em and trust 'em for protection... Link Removed
  13. 6shootercarry

    Wanted: Your two cents'

    Link Removed Ah yes, the M&P is also a great choice.. I have 2... Able to carry the M&P45 IWB with the CrossBreed SuperTuck...
  14. 6shootercarry

    M&P 9mm how are they?

    Own both the M&P45 duty size and the M&P40c... Carry the 40c most of the time in warm weather and the 45 in cool/cold weather. Installed the Apex AEK duty/carry kit in both of mine and a 9mm owned by a close friend. Install (for me) was easy. Been a mechanic/tinker for years... Being that I have...
  15. 6shootercarry

    Colt defender of Colt new agent??

    Link Removed Ahhh. Gotta love stainless steel for a 1911...
  16. 6shootercarry

    Buying ammo, targets, etc. online

    Add Link Removed to that list. great user located ammo deals..
  17. 6shootercarry

    M&P or XD

    That is a good looking gun Ringo. I like the feel/handling of the XD as well as the M&P... Being that I'm in MA and the folks at Springfield Armory decided not to deal with the BS gun laws and compliance testing here, the XD is one the guns that's not on the douchenozzle AG's list... I could go...
  18. 6shootercarry

    M&P or XD

    I have the M&P45 full size and the M&P40c... LOVE EM!! I have also fired the XD in 9mm and 40S&W... Tough call, but I gotta go M&P... I have 5 S&W firearms and none have disappointed me... Took the 40c to Front Sight in NV... 700 rounds with one initial cleaning and lube, I had no issues at...
  19. 6shootercarry

    What Kind Of AR Do You Have? Any Mods? Post Pics!

    Here they are... Colt Pre-ban A2 w/ Magpul MOE furniture in Dark Earth... Link Removed Link Removed Smith & Wesson M&P15-22 for practice with lower incurred cost... Link Removed
  20. 6shootercarry

    Holster and light for M&P 40

    Link Removed Use the contact link and send a message to Pavel Manev... Ask him to make the holster for the pistol with the light you choose. I have one of his custom Kydex holsters for my M&P45 with the light attached... He does really good work... Look for his stuff on Facebook...