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  1. whiskey

    Show off your painted firearms....

    paint schemes ALL OF YOUR PAGE TWOS ARE BELONG TO ME!! I've been rattle-canning guns for a while trying to decide upon a pattern and color(s). AR FF tube and mag: a paintball gun: Link Removed another paintball gun: Link Removed ETA: mags:
  2. whiskey

    Picks of your suppressed Firearms....

    ALL OF YOUR PAGE THREES ARE BELONG TO ME!! My YHM Cobra M2 40 attached to my Olympic Arms K40, 40S&W AR. Wicked nice. Very quiet. Link Removed Link Removed Link Removed
  3. whiskey

    What Kind Of AR Do You Have? Any Mods? Post Pics!

    can added Link Removed added a can to the 40. A YHM Cobra M2
  4. whiskey

    FREE supressors! NOT a joke!

    AAC is giving away a free supressor to anyone that gets an AAC tat. ^^here's the link I'm in. Anyone else?
  5. whiskey

    10min. ago..... daughter and I were taking a walk downtown. I needed some cigars and she wanted a sprinkle douoghnut from Dunkin' D's next to the convenience store. Wouldn't you know that right therein front of DD were two city cops on bike patrol. I like the local PD and even shoot with one on...
  6. whiskey

    Drinking with the devil...

    I read a Rolling Stone article about absinthe as a teenager. It was very alluring to a kid; only legal in two countries, 140 proof, supposedly(sp?) causes hallucinations, the muse of famous artists and musicians, etc. This is what Van Gogh was drinking when he cut his ear off. DAMN! I wanted...
  7. whiskey


    Been using Krylon Fusion Camouflage to T&E colors/patterns. My buddy's paintball gun turned out well, I think. Input relating to colors and/or patterns is appreciated. Link Removed