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    Leaving guns in vehicles.

    Have a console vault also. Worth every penny and keep other valuables in there too so it's not just a single purpose buy. Sent from my SM-G960U using Link Removed
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    +p+ in limited use?

    Bravo drama queen, bravo[emoji850]. Link Removed The Place to Be
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    Post your bike pics!!!

    Part of the fun of riding was pulling up to a stoplight and seeing a car full of kids and rolling on the throttle for them and watching them react. Can't imagine how fun lighting up the bike at night would be for them. Great wheels and the low profile tires look tight too...
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    Eight more State IDs not accepted bu US military bases.

    Rhino, Just an FYI. I think you're right overall about CAC card issuance to civilians and REAL ID is just another in a series of privacy invasions but DoD civilians have had CAC cards for quite a while now and some other departments such as VA also have them. The Place to Be
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    People that don’t like concealed carry

    If you think your accuracy statement is true, then it hasn't been my experience. Shoot with LEO's several times a year and am generally as accurate or better than many of them. My real thought and question is, are you saying that churches should be gun free zones? If so, then...
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    A Glimpse Into The Afterlife

    Tell it. Best post of the year. The Place to Be
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    California Passes Ammo Permit Fee

    That is completely true. Sent from my XT1650 using Link Removed
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    California Passes Ammo Permit Fee

    I actually don't understand why someone on a forum does that unless they do it via DM. It's not like they're in your face in a public park or calling your home phone. Sent from my XT1650 using Link Removed
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    California Passes Ammo Permit Fee

    It is illegal to transport ammunition bought outside the state of CA across its borders now. I think it started 1 January but they've shut down that avenue also. They're determined to make every resident of their state that wants to exert their 2A rights to almost any degree, a criminal act...
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    CCW Permit Badge and Holder R They Legal?

    The article is in this month's edition of Conceal Carry magazine on page 34. It's called The Other Light, Alternative Sources. It discusses use of lights in general and the chem light piece of it was included as one alternative after a SD encounter. I don't know if it's available on...
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    CCW Permit Badge and Holder R They Legal?

    I carry chem lights in my vehicle for a variety of reasons but just read something interesting about using them after a SD situation at night. It says that after the attacker is neutralized and no longer a threat and after you call 911 that you should place your weapon in plain sight well away...
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    Best coating for a boat gun.

    Thanks for the link. They have a variety of great finishing options for firearms. Appreciate it. Sent from my XT1650 using Link Removed
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    Businesses That Prohibit Guns or Have No Gun Policies

    I've never been "made" in terms of CC (that I know of) and try hard to not print but it's not always possible. I wear cargo shorts and long shirts much of the summer and pocket carry my EDC about 90% of the time during the hotter months. I holster up for cooler occasions where more appropriate...
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    Losing a CCW?

    It is different and effective which is why I purchased one and don't know how I ever went without one. I have used other areas of my vehicles for storage (unloaded hunting rifles) while in transit to and from various destinations but I would never leave anything of high value in my vehicle...
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    Losing a CCW?

    Console Vault. It's a very safe option that negates any negligence charges and is a nearly 100% deterrent in a smash and grab. Pricey but worth it. Sent from my XT1650 using Link Removed
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    Pistol Free Zone Question

    Pretty certain that's not the case for both the USPS and VA gun free zones unless I'm misreading the signs which always say "property". If it's in their parking lot then you are in violation of their firearms rules and school rules vary widely by state and local laws. Unfortunately, It takes...
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    Veterans/Military "sign in" honor list

    Continue to refer to your post #444 and giving up power to competency. Your attention to detail is non existent and if you're unable to track a post thread for your past positions then you sound similar to my aunt as she was short attention span theater much like yourself. Been nice trying to...
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    Veterans/Military "sign in" honor list

    What in the world are you talking about? I was talking about assuming responsibility for some wayward projects i.e. project management. You're equating that with "NWO dictators?" Get a grip, man!/QUOTE] I am referring to the lists you posted about in post #441 and your comment that...