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  1. Red Hat

    SC Constitution Carry

    Here's the correct current bill. Link Removed Current status Link Removed
  2. Red Hat

    Palmetto Bank Upstate SC

    Palmetto Bank has decided to deny our 2A rights by posting signs. Looks like the CEO is anti gun and anti 2A!
  3. Red Hat

    Any Palmetto Bank patrons here?

    Palmetto Bank has decided to suppress our 2A rights by posting signs. I contacted them last week and the lady I talked to said they had to post because they were a federal bank. This from a woman with a CWP. After educating her on what a federal bank was she told me that she would check on it...
  4. Red Hat

    NBC issues apology for edited Zimmerman 911 call

    NBC News issued an apology Tuesday for the way it handled the broadcasting of the 911 conversation between George Zimmerman and a police dispatcher in the Trayvon Martin case.Following reports that NBC aired audio of the call was edited in a way that implied Zimmerman was racist, the network...
  5. Red Hat

    Bills Could Change SC Gun Laws In 2012

    They tried this before! They tried to do this several times before and it never gets out of committee. Make some calls just in case though! Link Removed GREENVILLE, S.C. -- Two bills in the state House of Representatives could change the laws for South Carolina gun owners in 2012. One...
  6. Red Hat

    Anyone know how to weld stainless steel?

    Taurus has an unlimited lifetime warranty. For the price of shipping you can get it repaired for free! If you call them they probably will send you the parts for free. You don't have to go through a dealer. Link Removed
  7. Red Hat

    Shot my first reloads today!

    The trick is to upgrade it to the Pro Auto-Disk with this kit. Not bad for $16.99! Link Removed
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    PA Non-resident permits by mail DISCONTINUED

    Better get them while you can! Centre County Government: Sheriff: License to Carry Firearm Application
  9. Red Hat

    Last WW I US Vet dies.

    I saw that on Fox News this morning. It brought back memories of my Grandfather that died in 1970. He lost a lung due Gas in WWI but never slowed down until the day he died. Link Removed Maybe something good will come from this. Link Removed RIP Frank!
  10. Red Hat

    Evil ammo found in UK

    I stole this from another forum! All I can say is thank God for our 2A! Use it or lose it... .22 bullet found in Fossgate, York (From York Press)
  11. Red Hat

    H 3664 parking lot bill

    It looks like one of the one item stripped from H.3292 has made it to a separate bill. 2011-2012 Bill 3664: Storing of ammunition/firearms - South Carolina Legislature Online
  12. Red Hat

    H.3292 just passed in Committee!

    H.3292 just passed in subcommittee! I just heard on the news that it passed in a House panel unanimously! The Sheriffs organization is complaining. They want to see a yearly training requirement to be put in the bill. Link Removed Link Removed
  13. Red Hat

    Gas price locator

    Since Gas is going up every day it's time to look for the best prices again. I used these back in 08 when crude hit $147 a barrel. local Gas Prices - Find Low Gas Prices in the USA and Canada Gas price heat map USA National Gas Price Heat Map -
  14. Red Hat

    Right-to-Carry Reform Bill Introduced

    Thanks for the link, Foxhound. It looks like the South Carolina Sheriffs' Association opposes the bill. What a crock! The whole idea is to restore our chip away! Even SLED said they don't generally object to the changes. BTW, everyone hit their poll. Link Removed
  15. Red Hat

    Right-to-Carry Reform Bill Introduced

    Right-to-Carry Reform Legislation Heard by House Judiciary Subcommittee Lets hope it went well! Link Removed
  16. Red Hat

    Right-to-Carry Reform Bill Introduced

    I hope this didn't just die in committee like so many others have. They canceled the hearing for tomorrow! Link Removed
  17. Red Hat

    SC House is at it again

    Here's last years attempt on this bill. Link Removed If they want it so bad why don't they just add it to H. 3292 and pass it.
  18. Red Hat

    SC House is at it again

    Last year they introduced a bill to allow House and Senate members special priviledges for CC. Basically they could carry anywhere in SC with a permit. It was shot down, I believe in committee. Well they want it again this time for all elected/appointed officials! Query - South Carolina...