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  1. Austin

    The OSBI SDA crew is a joke.

    How is it that the great OSBI can have such a terrible turn around time for SDA licensing? If there is a huge demand, hire more people. It takes them MORE than the time allowed by statute to get their job done. Mine has taken over 90 days for new and renewal. My wifes initial took over 90...
  2. Austin

    Nice priced pistol SW SD9VE

    I have found a nicely made pistol that is priced a very fair price. Smith and Wesson SD9VE (also in 40). Found at my local academy store for $319. Basically a glock clone. The main complaints with this weapon is: A) people thinking they are a sigma (not correct) and B) The hard-ish...
  3. Austin

    My family in the newspaper today

    As the title says my family is in todays newspaper. Article Photos: Sunny skies bring couple to Norman dog park Gallery If anyone cares to enjoy with us.
  4. Austin

    1911 commander magazine opinions

    I bought a 1911 commander clone and want to get some good magazines to go with it. Wilson combat was recommended to me but costing $35-40 a pop plus shipping has put them out of my price range. Options: A) save up for the wilsons B) buy other brand (recommendations appreciated, preferably if...
  5. Austin

    Doberman Pincher

    I know that most of us are here because we take our personal protection seriously. I am a doberman pincher owner/breeder in Oklahoma. I should have pups ready in the next 7-8 months. They are $1k dogs but if you are a forum member or law enforcement I will extend you the family price of...
  6. Austin

    Surefire MAG5-60 High-Capacity 60 Round Magazine

    Ill leave this right here... Surefire MAG5-60 High-Capacity 60 Round Magazine
  7. Austin

    HK USP 40C Mag question

    As the title says I have a question regarding magazines for the HK USP 40 Compact. Mine came with a 7 round magazine if i remember correctly. But now I see on the site that they have 12 round mags. Link Removed I also see where I can order 12 round mags from Botach...
  8. Austin

    Colt m4 now at Walmart

    Like it says. Walmart is now selling colt m4 rifles. Saw one today.
  9. Austin

    Why a 1911?

    I am honestly wondering what the draw is for a 1911 pistol. I know that there is quite a following for them, so I am just curious about what makes them better than another pistol?
  10. Austin

    38 Special +P

    Generally will a 357 mag revolver handle a 38 Special +P round with no problems? Im letting my father borrow my old S&W Highway Patrolman 357 Mag and gave him some 38 Special +P ammo to go with it, and wanted to make sure that there would be no problems if he needs to use it. Common sense says...
  11. Austin

    Door Viewer

    Every one of us shares one thing in common: we take the protection of our family and ourselves seriously. When a tool comes along that impresses me and enables me to do this job better I think of you guys and want to pass it along. Wide Angle Peephole Door Viewer Door Scope 2- 3/8"...
  12. Austin

    Inexpensive Self Defense Light

    I know that most of us have a tactical flashlight in out self defense toolkit. But I have found one that is really cool and inexpensive at my local Sams Club. They come in two packs for $15. Serengeti brand, strike bezel, cree led, two stage brightness and strobe function, uses 3 triple a...
  13. Austin

    Oklahoma tornadoes

    As some of you may be aware Oklahoma suffered some very bad tornadoes today. My family is ok (to the best of my knowledge) and thank the lord for that. But many were not so lucky. IF ANYONE IN THE NORMAN AREA NEEDS HELP LET ME KNOW, I HAVE THE NEXT TWO MORNINGS OFF AND AM AVAILABLE TO HELP.
  14. Austin

    holsters for S&W 442

    Actually thats the same site I was pointing out, and it accomodates a crimson trace laser grip perfectly. I can post a pic of my setup if you want.
  15. Austin

    Oklahoma Open Carry Petition

    This is the link for the Oklahoma Open Carry Petition. Im signing now. Open Carry in Oklahoma Petition
  16. Austin

    LEO encounter while PGR mission

    I was at a Patriot Guard Mission and an officer was there on duty to do the escort. Anyhow he ended up coming up to me and talking with me while I was utilizing my ccw permit. I handed him the card and didnt say anything, he asked me if i had it right now and I said yes. His whole demeanor...
  17. Austin

    Media firearm chart

    Hopefully this will clear some things up. Sorry if it is a repost.Link Removed
  18. Austin


    DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM CLASSICCRUISER.COM My story goes like this. I purchase a set of National Cycle Lower Deflectors from 5 (FIVE) emails and 17 (SEVENTEEN) days later they arrive. And they arrive DAMAGED with not one, not two, but three large dents in them!!! The...
  19. Austin

    Cheaper Automotive Batteries

    I would like to pass something along to hopefully save some of us some hard earned money. The last two times I have priced automotive batteries Sams Club has been a LOT cheaper than Autozone or Oreilleys. Almost half the price actually. And they have Interstate Batteries. The two vehicles were...
  20. Austin

    Resident Shoots Home Invader..

    Resident Shoots Home Invader Officers Continue To Search For Three Men OKLAHOMA CITY -- Oklahoma City Police officers are searching for three men involved in a home invasion. It happened around 12:45 a.m. Tuesday near Southeast 62nd Street and Phillips Avenue. Officers said the men knocked...