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  1. BUmmedic

    Mil-surp 7.62x51 = safe to shoot?

    I recently bought some mil-surp 7.62x51, NATO headstamped, with FC 60 and 61. The majority of the rounds are from '60, and they all look good and pretty much GTG (as far as I can tell). There was a small percentage of '61 rounds, and these looked noticeably different from the '60's, and there...
  2. BUmmedic

    AR BUIS question

    It's an AR332 Burris fixed 3x optic that is mounted fully rearward. Thinking of a 45-degree rear sight just in front of the one-piece mount. Here's a pic of the current setup: Link Removed
  3. BUmmedic

    Can anyone ID this?

    Got a new (to me, and from the looks of it, probably less than 100rd through) Glock 17 a couple days ago that came with aftermarket sights, a Trijicon front sight, and a non-dot rear. Can anyone ID the rear sight? I've grown quite fond of the Glock factory sights and have a new set on order to...
  4. BUmmedic

    AR BUIS question

    Okay... I've searched the interwebs and and seen many opinions, some taking it seriously and some not so much, but I've got a Spikes Tactical AR build with a Burris 3x magnified optic mounted on a one-piece. Due to the eye relief, I have the optic mounted as far back on my upper as possible...
  5. BUmmedic

    I have joined the Dark Side...

    :biggrin: Link Removed
  6. BUmmedic

    Chipotle: Don't bring guns in our stores

    Quick interwebs search netted this... dunno if this was what prompted it all, but here it is anyway... Link Removed
  7. BUmmedic

    Couldn't pass it up

    Walked into a local pawn shop here in WI and found - what I consider to be - a good deal. Although I do not shoot or stock any 40S&W, they had a Glock 22 Gen 4 (SHLXXX S/N, which - from info on net - places is it as a late 2011 production) for $399.88 with matching numbers, no smile on the...
  8. BUmmedic

    WI CCW license turn-around time

    My wife completed her course and submitted her application to the DOJ. Mailed it on a Wesnesday, and had her license the following Tuesday. Talk about a good turn-around time! Less than a week!
  9. BUmmedic

    Glock slide discoloration with carry

    Carry a G19 gen 4 IWB in an alien gear holster. Recently, took notice of some slide discoloration on the front left part of the slide that comes into contact/rubs with the leather holster backing, and the rear right of the slide that contacts/rubs against whatever layer I'm wearing over it...
  10. BUmmedic

    Anyone come across one of these in the woods???

    Link Removed
  11. BUmmedic

    Glock ejection

    Okay, this is the third time I'm typing this post because my browser has crashed and lost this twice before. Annoying. Newer Glock owner, G19 and G26, both Gen 4, and experiencing some erratic ejection with the G19 (haven't shot the G26 enough to know). Both bought new, both with test fires...
  12. BUmmedic

    Walmart signage

    Ammo counters at two local Walmarts now reflect three box limit only on .22LR. Definite change from last weekend, when everything was still limited. Almost every other caliber now represented on the shelves. Good to see the stock flowing back with some consistency.
  13. BUmmedic

    Well, it finally happened...

    Blue screen of death for USA Carry forums on my workplace network (hardwired and wifi). I cannot browse or use the forums at work. Guess my health care organization somehow feels that firearms are not an appropriate subject matter per our information technology usage and guidelines policy. As an...
  14. BUmmedic

    Concealed Carry holsters

    Alien Gear makes a nice product... breaking one in right now...Link Removed
  15. BUmmedic

    Recoil and groups?

    Chalk it up to shooting in 20 degree weather without gloves, and getting in 250+ rounds of 115gr FMJ target rounds and 124gr (+P) HSTs inside of 30 minutes, but took my new Glock 26 and 19 (both gen 4s) out to run some rounds through them (since it was actually above zero outside) and was...
  16. BUmmedic

    Raven Vanguard 2 deep conceal holster

    Anyone use one of these or any of the other deep concealment, zero-bulk holsters (Versacarry, etc.) and can offer some insights or experiences? Recently obtained a G26 and looking for something different than my usual IWB tuckable holster. I hear the comfort is good, and the concealment factor...
  17. BUmmedic

    Recommend personal defense ammo?

    One of the best resources I've ever come across, and highly recommended by many others. Link Removed Personally, I've narrowed it down to either GD or HST. I haven't had any luck finding GD, but I've got +P HST in both 9mm (124gr) and 45ACP (230gr) for my guns. All eat them up without any FTF...
  18. BUmmedic

    Gun safe question

    All right... searching and reading through threads posted on multiple forums is making my head spin. I have a fireproof/waterproof safe (read: no electrical cord passage) bolted to the floor in my basement. We have a dehumidifier, which is keeping the basement humidity in the 40's (also cooling...
  19. BUmmedic

    Cops-only carry bill (AB9)

    From WGO: WI: Republicans Sneaking Cops-Only Carry Bill Assembly Bill 9 would give law enforcement officers special privileges not granted to the lowly citizens whom they serve – including the ability to carry on private property where CCW is prohibited! Dear Gun Rights Activist: Republican...
  20. BUmmedic

    NY Pistol Permit Holders Should Worry

    So glad I moved out of that state a couple years ago. Now if only I can convince my friends to do the same.